Aug 30, 2008

WiLdLiFe MuSeUm

My mom and I decided to take the kids up to St. George to the Wildlife Museum for a fun Saturday outing! It was great fun, the kiddos LoVeD looking at all the animals through the binoculars. Afterwards we met Kirstin at Pizza Factory for lunch, YuMmY! Of course we had to fit a little shopping in but not too much, Target and Costco! Right after we got home it started to hail and we had a nice rain storm AgAin...

Aug 26, 2008

*Sam & Brooklin*

*isn't this the PeRfeCt future wedding announcement picture*

*BeSt BuDDiEs*

Today we had Sam come over for a couple hours to play. Brooklin and Sam played outside in the water, ate popcicles and watched Meet the Robinsons. They are so funny together - sometimes they are really nice and sometimes they act like they've been married for 10 years! They are great friends and we're glad he was able to come over and play today!

Aug 23, 2008

*SaNd HoLLoW*

*Brooklin * Kasey*

*Mom * Mason*

*Mom on OnE ski (Kasey was horrible at taking pics :)*

*Showing off the wakeboard skiis*

*Mom and the kiddos*

We finally made it back out to the lake before summer is over. We headed out to Sand Hollow for the day and it was PeRfEcT - the weather wasn't too hot and I even made it up on OnE ski for my 30 seconds for the year! Mason went on the tube for the FiRsT time and about fell asleep while he was out there! We borrowed Rich's little wakeboard skiis to try and it was different but I even got up on those too! We had a GrEaT dAy and I'm hoping to make it out one more time before it cools off! We missed you Kirstin!!!!

Aug 21, 2008

17 months

This is more for my benefit so I don't forget what my little monster was doing at 17 months!!! Mason is such a sweetie but he runs me ragged some days.. not much has changed with him in a months time.
*added 2 words to his vocabulary - GO and HI!
*can follow directions and his a huge help with cleaning up
*eating independently all the time
*No more bottle at nap/bedtime - drinking his milk from a sippy
*wearing 2T tops and 18-24mo bottoms, almost in 2T bottoms
*wearing size 4 diapers
*he has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth
*making the transition into one nap a day, which is killing me!
*loves playing with trucks and making noises
*plays with sister pretty good
*is the biggest tease
*loves to get in the pool with everything on
*still gives the BeSt open mouth kisses
*climbs out of his crib successfully!
*has been going to nursery illegally but does great, especially during singing time!
*loves the 4 wheelers

I'm so blessed to have this little boy in my life - he brings so much joy and happiness to me! I love him so much even if he drives me crazy some days. He's so full of energy and has the BeSt smile around! I love you Mason...

*SwEeT VicToRy*

Way to grab GOLD ladies!!!

Aug 16, 2008

AuGuSt ShOwErS!

We had a great down pour tonight and Mason was in heaven! He just wanted to sit down and enjoy the water. Brooklin finally came out after she put her jacket on! We love the RaIn!!!

Flat Tire

*Brooklin took this pic of me, she thinks she's a photographer!*

As you know we went to Vegas Friday and HAD to stop at Mervyn's! You can't go to Vegas and not ShOp! Anyhow, we were getting on the freeway and the car was sounding funny, like we were running over the bumpy things but we really weren't! I couldn't pull off right there so I headed onto 1-15 and we got to the point where we probably really needed to pull off! Yep, it was flat! We were trying to get to the coroner office but we didn't make it. So we called papa Mikey and he sent someone over to help us HANK! He fixed us up and we were off to meet Kathleen & Shane for dinner. So driving in Vegas and home on 1-15 going 50mph was not very fun... I thought we'd for sure get rear ended by a truck. We left Vegas at midnight and finally made it home by 2 am!!! I was never so happy to see Mesquite!

*Our bEsTeSt Friends*





*Brooklin at M&M World*

*Mom & B*

*The girlies*

We had some of our BeSt friends stop by late Wednesday night and stay until Thursday. We swam at my mom & dad's house, had a bbq and enjoyed each others company!Brooklin absolutely loves Skylee, Alyssa, Shane and Kathleen - she couldn't get enough of them! We have been such good friends with them for years - I feel so old because I use to babysit Alyssa when she was less than a year old and she's now turning 18 next month and a senior in high school!
Friday night they stayed in Vegas so my mom, Brooklin and I went down for the evening. We had a blast, ate dinner with them and hit M&M world and the Coke Factory! We had some issues with a flat tire but that will get its own post!
We love you guys and we are so happy when you come for a visit!

Aug 12, 2008

SpOiLeD kiDdOs

Well what do I say? Our kiddos are spoiled and Grandpa thought he'd be buying the first 4 wheeler for the kids! We had bought a 4 wheeler from my aunt last year but it was a racing one, not a family friendly bike... we took it in for a check up and they wanted $1000 buckaroo's to fix it. It wasn't worth it to me so the guy gave an offer we had to take. He gave us so much to put towards a little 50 Artic Cat and we paid the difference. I wanted to save it for Christmas but apparently that didn't happen, as you can see! Brooklin was super excited and Mason was mad we wouldn't let him ride! We rode around the circle and in an empty dirt lot so she could get the hang of it -she did GREAT! She's like her momma, FAST is the only way to go!

*LoVin' the oLyMpiCs*

The Olympics have been totally AwEsOme so far, I'm loving it! Beach volleyball is RoCkIn - go May & Walsh!!! These 2 are going to dominate, they play very well together. The swimming has been phenominal -- Go Phelps!
I'm so sad that softball isn't on normal channels so we can watch but they did win their first game! Yeah Jennie Finch.. Go USA!!!

Aug 9, 2008

Cheap Entertainment

While at my mom's the kids wanted to go swimming but I didn't want too - mean mom! The kids found a smaller, more compact swimming pool today. They were so funny and having a hay day!
Do you like their cute little white bums?

Anyone for Apricot Bread?

So much to write about these past couple of days... we are so exciting! We stopped at my mom's today and she was in the process of making apricot bread. It was all poured nicely in the bread tins, sitting on the counter, waiting to go into the oven. Well Mason seemed to make his way onto the counter and this is what we found... Mason had put his foot in one of the tins and it fit perfectly. He didn't know what to think so he started to cry and he kept looking down and looking at us - like Help Me!

Aug 8, 2008

A day at the Oasis

My mom had 2 nights at the Oasis here in town so last night she let Brooklin stay the night with her (actually I think B was the only one who volunteered - the rest of us wanted our own beds)! So Brooklin stayed over night, rode the go carts with Grandma and went swimming. I took Mason down this morning before I headed into work and they walked to McDonald's for breakfast and then went swimming! After work I went over for a swim and then we came home. Brooklin wanted to stay over again but no luck on that one!
She was hilarious when we first got in the room, she was looking at everything and pointed and said, "That's a cute ______!" She was a big girl because she could use the key to open the room door and into the pool.
We had a great day Grandma - thanks for sharing the fun!!!