Mar 31, 2009

Any suggestions....

Well my sweet little Mason loves to bite his sister and his mother on occasion. When he gets mad or doesn't get what he wants, he gets possessed and goes in for the kill! I have bit him back, smacked his mouth, time out and nothing quite works! So do any of you have any suggestions on how to stop my little monster from biting?

Mar 28, 2009

{4 wheelin}

*lookin thru our "noculars"*

*the cutest dirty boy around*

*kirstin * steph*

*grandpa and his buddy*

*we found a broken down mater*

What a fabulous day we had.. out in the sunshine, wind blowing through our hair, and riding 4 wheelers for 7 hours! Mason and I, along with Kirstin, her friend Katelyn and Grandpa headed out at 7:30am to Gold Butte where we were meeting up with the gang to ride for the day. We saw some beautiful scenery and the weather was perfect - even got a little sun on the arms! We scouted out some old mines, saw old rusty cars, ended up at Lake Mead, went to Crazy's Eddie's, traveled over a ton of rocks and made it back to our starting point! Mason was a trooper, he did so good being gone all day. He was in heaven riding in the Ranger and one dirty little boy by the time we got home. I had a great time, it was nice to get away and not have to worry about anything. Thanks for a great day Dad :)

Mar 22, 2009

The Big Bash!

We had a great day celebrating Mason's birthday! Mason had a present waiting for him when he woke up and when he saw his Batman Scooter his expression was "WooooW!" He cruised around in the house and outside all morning long on that thing.
We headed up to the Pizza Factory for lunch and we had quite the crew with us.. Grandma, Auntie Kirst, Kasey, Meridee, & Jackson, Shane, Kathleeen, & Skylee, Jeremy, Chrissy, Ethan, Sam & Ava all came to help celebrate! Mason got a #2 pizza and we all enjoyed pizza, salad and breadsticks. Then we were off to the park which had a little lazy river, rocks to climb on and water fountains. The kids were soaking wet and in heaven.. even though it was a bit chilly! We opened presents and ate brownies!
Mason wants to Thank everyone for coming to his party and for the awesome gifts he received :)

*He has his own boy scooter - he doesn't have to ride the princess one anymore*

*Big Boy*

*Yummy pizza*

*Loving the water*

*Dump truck cake*

Mar 20, 2009

*Happy Birthday Mason*

*My big boy 9lbs. 9 oz.*

*A couple weeks old*

*5 months old*

*7 months old*

*14 months - I love his curls*

*18 months*

*Almost 2*

I can't believe my little man is turning 2! He's so energetic and definitely ALL BOY! He brings so much happiness into our family and lots of "big-lip" kisses. He is so sweet yet can hold his own when someone is picking on him. Mason is quite adventurous and will test his climbing and jumping skills. Mason is still not talking much but is trying to say a few more words than just mom and dad. Here are a few more things about Mason...
*Loves being outside, riding bikes/scooters
*Loves going for rides on Grandpa's Ranger
*Is a huge tease
*Has the longest eyelashes
*Eats almost anything you put in front of him.. loves salad!
*Likes playing with trucks, balls, dinosaurs/animals
*Enjoys nursery (had a hard time when Brooklin moved up to Sunbeams)
*Sneaks into our room early in the morning and cuddles
*Loves brushing his teeth and taking a bath

Some favorites...
Cartoon: Little Einsteins, Tigger & Pooh, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny
Snack: fruit snacks of any kind, M & M's
Toy: trucks, dinosaurs - has a stuffed Tigger he likes to sleep with
Activity: riding his bike (looks like Fred Flintstone cruisin around on that thing)
Movie: Cars, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar 2

Shoe Size: 8-9
Shirt Size: 3T
Pant Size: 2T-3T
Words: mom, dad, m&m's, donald duck, nemo, please, bye

We love you Mason... Happy 2nd Birthday :)

Mar 16, 2009

Any takers???

Brooklin wants a new mommy that is nice :)
She's been saying this the last couple of days and I tell her to go and pack her bags but she never makes it quite that far! I've had a horrible head cold but I've been nice.. I guess not nice enough for B's standards :)

I'm just jotting down a few things Brooklin has said in the last month or so just so I don't forget them!
*Last week I got hit with a ball on my foot and I came home from work and iced it. B came up to me and said, "Mom shake it off!" (This is what Nick has taught them if they get hurt, to shake it off!)

*About a month ago we were shopping in St. George and it was one of those days... well I was fighting to get the kids in the stroller and both of them needed a nap. Brooklin finally turned to me and said, "Mom, I'm gonna kick your ass!" I kept a straight face and just told her that was not nice to say and she felt bad. But I was dying with laughter inside :) I'm not sure where she got that because we don't tell her that...

*Brooklin wants me to put Mason back in my belly because she wants a nice brother. When he starts bugging her she'll say, "Mom, I want Mason back in your belly."

Mar 8, 2009

Ready, Aim...Fire!

*first time shooting*

*first time shooting*

*Chad taking the kiddos for a ride*

*Check out that form!*

*Reggi * Gabby * Sam * Brooklin*

*Mason * Ava*

Today we headed up to White Rock for the afternoon! A bunch of people went up for a bbq and to shoot some clays. The kids had a blast running around, both kids shot a bb gun for the first time and now Brooklin wants a black one with a telescope on it!! She really got into the shooting, she even went down to her knee to get a better shot! The boys had a competition and then the girls had to jump in and show them how it's done :)
We had a great time and it was nice to just get away for an afternoon!