Jul 30, 2011

swim meet finals

This weekend was the swim meet finals and Brooklin qualified in all 3 events on Friday to compete on Saturday. She really had a great season and I'm so happy she has found something that she enjoys doing!
Brooklin pretty much rocked the freestyle and back stroke - the breast stroke was too close cuz she didn't touch with 2 hands at the end for a good second or two. But one girl didn't do the right stroke so it bumped Brooklin into first!
All the Manta Rays did such an AWESOME job and it was fun to cheer them all on as they did their races! Can't wait til next year... Thanks grandma and grandpa for coming down to cheer Brooklin on - she loved having you there! (she told my mom that was her bday present, that she won 3 gold medals)!

all ready to go!

what a goofball...

fitting as many grapes in his mouth as possible...
being introduced...

breast stroke - 35:10

love cheerin my girl on!

freestyle medal - 24:66

backstroke - 29:84

Way to Go Brooklin :)

Jul 23, 2011

No Lake :(

We were planning on taking the boat out today before heading to Lake Powell in a couple of weeks but no such luck today. Nick has been trying to get it ready and he ended up taking into the shop this morning in hopes it would be a quick fix but they had to keep it.
Mason went to Tremonton with my parents until Tuesday so he left today... I can't believe I let him go since we didn't see him all last week but he wanted to see Jackson and Addi.
Brooklin and I were all ready to go swimming again in St. George then we got an invite to go down to Lake Mead with the Graves so we headed home. Then the wind started blowing so we just opted for Little Jamaica! It was great fun, we played in the river and floated with the tubes - tried finding a place to jump off the rocks but it wasn't deep enough. Thanks for a FUN afternnoon :)

she was in heaven - my adventurous girl

friday fun in st. george

I had taken Mason up to my parents on Sunday and left him there so Grandma could take care of him while I worked this week! So Thursday after work Brooklin and I headed up for a sleepover - I was missing my boy. He was so sweet when he saw us to - he ran up to both of us and gave us a big hug and kiss!
Friday we did a little school shopping and then met Chrissy and her kids at Antigravity! The kids had a blast and Chrissy even got a good workout - I opted not to jump cuz I'd probably pee my pants!

Everyone worked up an appetite by jumping or watching the jumpers - so we headed to Cafe Rio! It was delish and didn't disappoint :)
Sam jumped in the car with us and we headed to the Washington Rec Center. Mason has wanted to go swimming and going through withdrawls since having his tonsils out so today was the day! We had a fun afternoon and ended up sleeping over at Grandma Kaye's again!

loving the lazy river


My mom came down for a couple days when Mason got his tonsils out to help out! Gotta love moms who live close and who don't work the month of July :)  Brooklin wanted to do something fun while she was here so we took her skating and Sam met us there. They were so funny and didn't really care about skating, just wanted to play games!  Mason came to watch them skate but ended up playing games the entire time...

this outfit is rockin!


brooklin and sam

Jul 13, 2011

tonsils & adnoids are gone!

So today was the big day - Mason had his tonsils and adnoids removed! He did great and was a trooper the entire time we were there. We got to the hospital at 7:00am and was home by 11:30 :) He didn't throw any kind of fit until he wanted his dang gown off, he wanted his clothes back on... silly boy!
Dr. Jones said his tonsils were huge and so were his adnoids. He said, "Mason was snoring when we put him out but no snoring now!"
In recovery he just wanted to be held so I was all for that! He needed to eat a popcicle, some pudding and jello before he could leave - and he must've wanted to get home cuz he inhaled everything. And he wanted his IV out, that was bugging him afterwards. Mason had awesome nurses that took care of him - admitting RN; Sue, post op RN; Deanna and Diana!
He's acted just like normal today, wanting to run around and eat Cheetos! I was hoping he'd be calm for a few days... Hopefully it's a speedy recovery!
waiting to be called back

george got in on all the action too!

mama's sweet boy

all ready to go!

trying to take the gown off!

awesome hat!

in recovery

let's go home!