Jan 25, 2009

My Little Sunbeam....

gave her first talk in primary today! She did a great job - wasn't scared even a bit. Brooklin stood right up there to the microphone and with a little help from mom, did her talk! It almost brought a tear to my eye that she's old enough to be giving a talk in primary. Great Job Brooklin :)

I had to put this pic of my handsome guy on here. He looked so cute in his little tie but we only made it to church before it came off!

Jan 24, 2009

Some of Brooklin's FaVoRiTe things...

This is more for my memory... A few of Brooklin's favorite things at age 4
color: pink
food: noodles or sandwich with meat & cheese (no cookin' it)
movie: Barbie Rapunzel (she just happens to be watching it)
cartoon: Tigger & Pooh
toy: yo-yo
place to eat: pizza factory
treat: fruit snacks
game: leapster games
friends: Sam Woods, Alley & Ashlyn Shaner, Zachary (from school), Jordan Memmott (in gymnastics), Dodger Smith (in primary class)
Wears a 5T in both pants/shirts.
Weight: 40 lbs
Height: almost 42 inches
Brooklin loves going to Sunbeams each Sunday and loves to volunteer to say the prayer (continues to bless Charmaine in EVERY prayer she says and she's in doggie heaven for a year now)! She loves school and is learning so much. She is also taking gymnastics and learning so many new tricks. Brooklin enjoys her friends, being outside, reading books, coloring, helping bake cupcakes, eating (b)anilla ice cream. She loves playing at Grandma & Grandpa's house and adores the both of them.

Jan 22, 2009

*Happy 4th Birthday BrOOkLiN*

It was Brooklin's 4th birthday yesterday... I can't believe my baby girl is 4 years old. All she wanted for her birthday was Barbie Princess Diamond Castle stuff -- what a headache is was tracking it down! She also got a cupcake maker, cupcake mixes, leapster reading thing, hannah montana purse, dance party mat, a few movies, coloring stuff, clothes and the barbie, prince and horse carriage!
We had a bbq with the family and the Woods family. It was great fun and we appreciate everyone coming over to our house. After presents we had cake and ice cream. I attempted to make a castle cake, as you can see it isn't one of my greatest creations but Brooklin loved it. As I was decorating it she would check on me and say, "Mom you're doing such a great job, I love my cake!"
Brooklin I'm so happy you were brought to our family. I can't imagine life without you - you bring a smile to my face daily. You are so energetic and full of life. You are so strong headed and independent (like your momma)! We love you so much and hope you had a HaPpY 4th BiRtHdaY!
*B with her Barbie Princess Diamond Castle Dolls*

*Mom * Brooklin*

*Brooklin * Mason * Sam*

*The birthday girl*

2 liTTle LoveBirds....

Laying on the couch!
HaHa... I had to laugh at this. We watched Sam & Ava on Tuesday and the kids had a blast together. I had been in the bedroom and when I came out to this I had to grab my camera - Sam fell asleep and Brooklin was all cuddled up behind him. How cute are they???

Mason finally got a haircut!

My little monster finally got his haircut and now he looks like a little man! He's so handsome :)

Jan 17, 2009

4 Wheelin' Fun

So this will make all of you stuck up in the snow a little jealous... Today was beautiful and we took advantage of the weather and went 4 wheelin. We headed out to 3corners, where Arizona, Nevada, and Utah meet. It was a great ride and the kids love going with Grandma & Grandpa. Mason gets so relaxed he fell asleep the first half of the ride and Brooklin fell asleep the last part! Thanks mom and dad for letting us tag along!!!!

Sleepy Boy!

Jan 14, 2009

New Beds...

We have been doing a little rearranging the last few weeks. I was ready to get Mason into a big boy bed so I bought a full size - well it didn't fit so well in his room. So we took Brooklin's twin and moved it in for Mason, he loves it! Brooklin got the full size with new bedding which she loves - she has even been sleeping in her bed the entire night, which is a huge plus for us! I don't have bedding for Mason yet but searching for cute baseball something....

Jan 13, 2009

The PERFECT day for a PiCnIc

*Ashlyn * Brooklin*

*The kiddos*

Today is PeRfeCt here in Mesquite! I picked the girls up from school (B & Ashlyn) and they wanted a picnic. We made lunch and enjoyed the sunshine! We played outside all afternoon...

Jan 3, 2009

My Little Photographer

Here are a few pics from Brooklin's camera... it's so funny to see some of the things she has taken pics of!
*Aunt Teri*

*Mason's chair*

*Her little bro*

*Mom & Mas*

*Her fav cousin Cole*

*Happy New Year's 2009*

*Jeremy * Kyler*

*Mason found a fire truck - he was set for the night*


*Margo * Lance * Amber * Josh * Kyler*

*The boys*

New Year's Eve we headed up to the Munford's to PaRtY! They are so nice to let everyone come to their house and party the night away. We ate, visited, tried playing a few games, listened to Jeremy and Kyler sing their hearts out and ate some more! We left around 10:30... Mason was ready for bed so I went home with him. Nick went and played poker until 4:30 am -- he's nuts!
I'm not making any new's years resolutions because I never follow through with them... I do have a few goals that I'm going to strive for this year:
*Be Happy and Smile more
*Love my kiddos even more than I already do - give them lots of hugs and kisses so they know their momma loves them to pieces
*Lay off the sweets just a bit
*Be adventurous
*Scrapbook at least once a month
This is a start :)

21 month check up (is there such a thing?)

21 month check up for Mason.... I know I'm a bad mom, I skipped on the 15 and 18 month immunizations so I thought I better get him in!
Here are his stats at 21 months:
Height: 34 inches
Weight: 29 lbs
Head Cir: 19 inches
He was in the 75% of both height and weight - so he isn't that big of a boy!!! The dr was concerned that he isn't talking or saying more 2 syllable words. So we are taking him to the audiologist on Tuesday to get his hearing checked. I really haven't been too concerned with this because I've been told boys take a little longer and he's able to follow commands when we tell him to do something. Hopefully everything is okay and he will start talking soon!