May 7, 2017

middle school registration


I know it's so cliche but I can't believe I  have a 
Middle Schooler!!! Brooklin is so excited and ready
for 6th grade, she got her classes and we found her locker,
made sure she could manage the lock and we were on our way!!
I'm excited for her and proud of the young lady she is becoming.

lake powell


I absolutely love this place!!! We pull up and I see the water and 
all my cares just go out the window! It worked out great cuz
Kirstin was able to come with us. She was supposed to fly back 
to Ecuador but the Delta hub went down in Atlanta and she didn't
want to sit in an airport for days so she switched her flight for a week
later! It was perfect and I loved having some extra time with my sis.
Graves, Luds and us were the only ones that braved the trip
this year. The weather was perfect and once again we had a 
fabulous time with no issues. We found a hike that we had done a 
few years ago, got plenty of tubing, wake boarding and paddle
boarding in.. Until next year these pics will have to hold me over!

swim finals


The swim finals were held in Hurricane this year 
and we had some close races. It's getting pretty exciting 
to watch these kids the older they get, they are quite competitive!
The closest race was between Mason and Asher Jackson in
the IM both days!! Mason ended up winning barely, so exciting!
Brooklin did great in all her races as well!!

Oct 10, 2016

long overdue...


We were in need of some new family pics!
So we decided to set some up while Kirst was 
home. We had Amey Snow from Storybook Studios 
take them up at Red Cliffs Recreation area.
It ended up being windy that night so I wasn't 
sure how they were going to turn out. 
She worked her magic and I think they turned out
wonderful!!!! Thanks so much Amey!

grandma's bday


Momma's birthday fell on a Saturday... 
We had a swim meet in Hurricane and the girls
(Kirst, grandma and myself) snuck out early to
get massages and eat lunch at Kayenta!!!
It was a fabulous day....
We had dinner and dessert at Grandma and Grandpa's house
and then opened presents! She got some fun stuff, a book of 
memories, a new muumuu from Ecuador, a trip to Cancun!
We are so blessed to have this lady in our lives,
she is pretty special and one of a kind!!!

Sep 12, 2016

big surprise!!!!


I had been waiting for this day for months!!!!!!!
This also had been in the works for months.... So it was 
exciting to finally have it happening! 
Kirstin was coming home for a 2 week visit!!!!
The only ones who knew were myself, Kasey and 
my dad but he thought it was the next day.
He had planned a big lunch at Olive Garden for the big
reveal and was so proud of himself... Little did he know
 he would be getting a big surprise too!
I picked Kirst up in Vegas around 9:30 am, she had 
meeting with a counselor at UNLV so we met with
him at 11. She is looking at doing the ARL program
for special ed when she comes home in Jan.
One of her only requests was to eat at Cafe Rio, drink
Dr. Pepper and soak in the tub while she was home.
I was able to hook her up with a Dr. Pepper and 
Cafe Rio which didn't disappoint!
We headed to Mesquite and the plan was to drop her
off at McDonald's and I would go grab the kids for 
ice cream - thinking we were going to meet Andrea.
The plan was in motion and I don't think I could have
planned it any better. Their reactions were priceless!!!!
Kirst was standing with her back to us at the ice cream
machine, we ordered and Mason was the only one to 
order one. She turned to give it to him and he looked at 
her, looked at me with the most confused, excited look 
on his face. Brooklin has started to get her drink but had 
turned around as Kirst was giving Mason his ice cream.
She was brought to tears which we knew she would be
but it was priceless!!! She just ran over and hugged Kirst
and sobbed for a good 5 mins or so.... We headed to our house
for a little bit, Kirst had a power nap and then we took off
for the next surprise! 
Kasey had gone over to my parents and told them he had 
ordered pizza. We picked up the pizza and Kirst was going 
to be the delivery girl.... We just had to make sure mom 
answered the door since we were surprising her for her
60th birthday!!!! Kirst was at the door and I was hiding 
behind the bushes to video - Mom answered the door
and Kirst said, I have a pizza delivery for the Winters.
All mom could say was, Are you kidding me?
Dad was sitting in his chair in disbelief since he 
was expecting her tomorrow!!! It was awesome and 
mom even shed a few tears... I love watching the videos
over to see everyone's reaction! We have missed our Kirst,
it had been a year since everyone had seen her so we 
loved having her home for a few weeks!!!!

days of 47 parade


All the years we lived in Salt Lake I don't recall ever
going to the parade downtown. We would go to the rodeo 
with Grandpa Gene but never the parade. The kids, my mom
and Kasey's family stayed up there to attend the parade with 
the Whiting's since Shane is a motorcycle cop. They block off
an intersection for the families and have a great view! The kids
enjoyed themselves I think, Mason said he likes the ones in 
Mesquite cuz he can actually be in the parade!! Crazy kid...