Aug 30, 2011

ice blocking

Last night we went ice blocking with the Woods family. We had a blast even if it was dark!!!! Next time we'll go earlier :)


such concentration!

love this face!

Aug 29, 2011

off to 1st grade...

Brooklin is officially a 1st grader now! She was super excited to start back up today and so was I :) Her teacher is Ms. Gunderson which she's quite happy about and I think she'll have a great year!

checking out the creepy spiders

brooklin and ms. gunderson

Aug 23, 2011

school work organizers!

So I had seen these little creations on a few blogs ( and thought I better give it a try! I love them and I feel so organized :) My kids love saving everything and I always get in trouble for throwing their masterpieces in the garbage. Well I do keep a few things and I just stash them away in a box - well here's my answer!
I just bought the $3 crates at Walmart and some ribbon, used my cricut to cut their names out in vinyl and labeled the file folders according to each grade. And I'll add ones for sports and such as it comes along. I may even include a picture of them on their first day of school but I can't promise that will happen every year :)

i love that i can stack them too!

Aug 21, 2011

we {heart} sand hollow

Yesterday we headed to Sand Hollow since this will prob be our last free Saturday for awhile (Nick is coaching football again)! We invited the Price's and Dalton's to join in the fun... Our day didn't start out too early but we definitely made a day out of it! The kids loved playing in the mud - covering themselves and making their skin so soft. Mason covered my legs and said he was making my skin skinny - ha, I wish it was that easy!!!
The water was quite rough but we tried to knee board and that didn't last long. Tubing and cliff jumping the the hit of the day. We stayed until dark and my kids were asleep before we got out of the park! Thanks for spending the day with us Price family, Robin & Rylan :)

b loving the knee board

love him to peices!

playing in the mud

so sweet - from my little man!

love her to peices!

riley and brooklin

mason and rylan

we laughed the entire time!

thanks girls for a fun day :)

Aug 15, 2011

quick trip north...

Friday the kids and I headed to Salt Lake with my dad for a Winters get together on Saturday. My mom wasn't feeling well so she stayed home and Nick had a football meeting. We stayed at Mark, Jody and Hailey's house and the kids had a blast. They loved the hot tub and the big pool (above the ground)!
Saturday morning Kirst and I hit the mall for a couple things and then headed back to Mark's until the party. Can't shop when you have no money and Kirst was gimping around with her crutch!!!
It was really nice to see everyone at Grandma's house, almost everyone was there - missing a few of the cousins. We had great food as usual and got plenty of visiting in!

hailey, mckaylee, jodie, kirstin

charlie(melissa's baby)  and holly

kirst and b

i've never seen mckaylee with a cookie - had to document!
Kirstin and I left the party early and took the kids to the demolition derby over at the County Fair. The kids have never been to one and it's been years since I've seen one. We met up with Zach and April and had a riot! The kids thought it was so cool and their favorite car was the Smurf one. By the end of the night, we were all beat and ready for bed!

brooklin and cole (he took grandpa's ticket)

april and mason

zach and kirstin

go smurf!!!!

love the expression on b's face

all the kids were getting into it!

mason was hot so he took off his shirt and took zach' s hat

Aug 14, 2011

FuN with Jackson & Addi

Kasey and Meridee came down and stayed for a week at my parents so the kids were in heaven! They had sleepovers, went to the splash pad, hit the Washington Rec Center to swim, played, ran around and had a great time together.
One night we went miniture golfing and the kids loved it - a bit chaotic but fun!

silly addi bug!
Wednesday afternoon we headed out to Sand Hollow for some time on the lake! It was pretty rough but perfect for tubing! We went cliff jumping and had just enough time to knee board before the sun set. Thanks for a fun time Winters!!!!


silly kiddos

brooklin and meridee

addi and jackson's first time on the tube

cliff jumping

addi and aunt stephie

the crew - minus mom (taking the pic) and b is still jumping

We miss you guys already!!!!