May 30, 2011

Angels Landing & Weeping Rock

Kirstin and I have been talking about hiking to Angels Landing (she did it last year and I can't let her show me up)! So today was the day we conquered it... I'm really out of shape, my heart was a racing but we made it and it was well worth it!
we're lookin pretty good here cuz we haven't started yet!

seriously, what was i thinking???

still truckin along!

the wiggles

angels landing is behind us

amazing scenery

i made it!!!

we have to cross that to get back down...

so crazy we walked across that!

aren't we done yet???

weeping rock

4 wheelin' fools...

On Saturday we took a 4 wheeler ride out to Lydol Ranch (somewhere in AZ). My parents and Kirstin came down and Teri and the boys went with us too! It was a nice, hot, sunny day - perfect for 4 wheeling! We found this zip line on our way back so we stopped to check it out. Josh and Cody decided to try it out and after much thought, I decided to give it a whirl! I had to sweet talk Kirst into doing it with me - I tried getting Brooklin to do it but she wouldn't. Teri tried it out too after some cheering on! The water actually felt refreshing :) Thanks for a fun ride!!!!

these 2 are so crazy on the 4 wheeler

mama kaye was a crazy driver!

grandma and brooklin

throwing grapes in the mouth!

josh, nick, cody

the crew...

josh got super stuck!



having mothers anxiety about going... what if i don't make it to the water???

i made it!


kirst about died right here... good thing she barely made it to the water!

May 26, 2011

LoViN the SuNsHinE

SwiMmiNg for PE

Today the kids got to go swimming for PE. Brooklin has been super excited to swim! She even changed her swimming suit twice this morning :)  We went over to watch her and Mason couldn't resist, he had to jump in!

ashlyn shaner and brooklin

little fishies

fire station

Today we took a tour of the fire station and got to see the fire truck! It was a fun little outing and Mason was grumpy in the beginning but loved the truck and ambulance...

he was practicing his karate on the bag!

the wild bunch :)