Jul 29, 2010

MaRona & BeeZus

Brooklin has been wanting to see Ramona & Beezus for a few weeks and Wednesday my mom & I took her. It was such a cute movie and we had a great time! Brooklin has been so funny because she could not get the Ramona down and kept saying Maroma. I think she's gonna be the little Ramona of the family... although I've been calling her Beezus and she just says, Moooooom! Thanks mom for the movie date :)

Jul 24, 2010

PiOnEeR dAy!

Today to celebrate the 24th of July our primary had a little get together... The kids decorated their bikes for a parade and they had games for the kids. They also made ice cream in a zip lock bag and made butter in a mason jar. I think they loved riding Boomer the best! The kids dressed up in aprons, bandanas and cowboy hats...
We're so thankful for the pioneers and especially our ancestors that crossed the plains so we could be here today.

*mason and his awesome bike*

*brooklin loved her bike*

*mason loved the fishing pond*

*brooklin getting help from sister bonner*

*b riding boomer*

*mason on boomer*

Jul 18, 2010

My Future Fashionista :)

Yesterday the girls went school shopping! Brooklin has been so excited to go which surprises me because she does not like to shop. But she's been looking through catalogs and picking everything out... We started out strong and hit a couple stores, ate lunch at Red Robin and the meltdown hit at the mall (i should've snapped a pic). After the mall life was good and we made it to a few more stores and even got ice cream to top off our day! Thanks for a fun day mom and Brooklin, you're gonna be the cutest little kindergartener around :)

Jul 15, 2010

Best Buddies

We had a fun night with the Woods kids... Pizza, Popsicles, Wii, picking goods from the garden and lots of giggles :)

*brooklin * ava * mason * sam * ethan*

My Long Lost Friend...

I was so lucky to meet up with one of my besties on Sunday!!! Holly and I met in Hawaii, we were supposed to be roommates and then I was roommates with one of my other friends... eventually we ended up roommates and were hooked at the hip from almost day one! As life goes on, she got married and stayed in Hawaii and just recently moved to San Diego!!! Well lucky for me her mom lives in St. George so she came for a visit and I took advantage and went up for the day. I took Mason with me and he had a great time swimming in the pool and playing with the dog. I met little Emery for the first time and she was a doll :)
Thanks for the great visit Holly... I love ya and hope to see you more often now that we're within driving distance!

*mason swimming in his undies*

*holly * steph*

*little emery*

*our little munchikins*

Jul 10, 2010

Cedar Mountain...

My parents headed up to Cedar Mountain Tuesday and the kids were so sad they weren't invited to go! I think my parents just needed a much break from everyone.. Everyday my kids would mention something about camping so Thursday I decided we'd head up after work on Friday.
So the kids and I headed up Friday and we arrived around 3, just in time for a ride in the truck. Grandpa took us to the ice cave and Mirror Lake. Mason was brave and crawled down into the cave with me and Brooklin went farther down than I thought (she's a bit of a chicken)! When we got back to camp, Gpa took Mason and I on a ranger ride to look for deer - we only saw about 6 or so... We came back to a yummy dinner and what's camping without smores???? That's my favorite part and they (yes, 2) didn't disappoint!
Saturday morning we got up and ate breakfast then headed out on the ranger. We went to Mammoth Cave and played around for a bit, it was pretty cool. Then we took off and rode for a while, there are so many trails to choose from. I'd get lost for sure! It started to rain and we didn't have our sweatshirts or anything so we headed back for camp and it was a down pour by the end of the ride.
We had a blast for the 24 hours we were there.. wish we could've stayed longer! Thanks mom and dad for letting us crash your week of quietness for a night :)

*ice cave*

*brooklin at mirror lake*

*my little man*

*eating a yummy smore*

*climbing on the rocks by camp*

*mammoth caves*

Jul 8, 2010

~total SwEeTnEsS~

THANKS Bethany for being so patient and capturing some great photos our little monsters :)

Jul 6, 2010

**4th of July**

Sunday night we went to the Eureka for a bbq and to watch the fireworks.. it was a fun night and the fireworks were great! They had it semi-synched to music and it was awesome, the kids loved them! Afterwards we stopped by my parents and did sparklers and pops -- Mason is such a crackup, he kept saying, "happy mother's day" and then would throw his pops on the ground. We tried to correct him but that's the only thing he would say!
I'm so thankful to live in America and enjoy the freedoms we have. I'm so thankful for the soldiers that fight for our country each day and the sacrifice it is to their families.
On Monday we went to the rec center for the afternoon to play in the pool and participate in the activities they had going on... dunk tank, slippin slide, face painting, sno cones! Later that night we headed to my parents for a bbq and swimming with Chrissy and her kids...