Jun 16, 2011

birthday surprise...

My little sis spoiled me yesterday! Yes, my birthday was a month ago but our schedules just weren't working out so yesterday was the day.... It was a day full of surprises :)
It started off at United Hairlines getting my hair done by the awesome Nicole - this was the first time in 32 years I've ever put color in my hair! Then we had lunch at Cafe Rio, got pedicures and ended our day with Krave and of course we fit a little shopping in there!
It was such a great day and I know she put time into getting it all worked out cuz she even gave me little clues! Thanks so much Kirst for a day of surprises. Love ya :)

movie in the park

Last Friday night the kids and I headed to St. George for a sleepover at Gma & Gpa's. We ate dinner at Pizza Factory, got yogurt at our new favorite place Krave and then went to the park to watch Surf's Up! The movie wasn't that good, Mason had a hard time sitting still so he ran around most of the time. We had a fun night.
On Saturday we wanted to head to Gunlock to play but there was a fire and we couldn't get thru. So we played in the Winters Family Pool - not quite as nice as the last one :( but it will work!

yes, brooklin is wearing mason's swimming suit on her head???

Jun 9, 2011

School's Out for the Summer...

It's offficial...
my sweet, little Brooklin has
completed Kindergarten!
I have to admit, I teared up just a bit
seeing her walk out the door for the last time.
She was so excited for her Hot Diggity Dog Party today.
Brooklin you did amazing this year!
I'm so proud of all your accomplishments this year.
You have learned so much from Mrs. Mickelson!
You have become quite the little artist and love to write
any words down.  You're catching on to this reading thing
and even like math (unlike your mama)!
Great Job in Kindergarten Brooklin!

brooklin and mrs. mickelson

braden and brooklin

singing the good bye song for the last time

Jun 7, 2011

Brooklin makes the local newspaper...

The softball team put a camp on last week and Brooklin had a great time! When she was actually paying attention, I think she learned a few new things and will hopefully continue to love softball. I think she had more fun playing with her little buddy Marlee!
Anyhow, she made the Desert Valley Times on Friday June 3rd...

check out that windup!

this was just another picture that was taken...

LooK wHo's GroWinG uP...

yes, he started out on brooklin's bike...

everytime he falls he says, "this is awesome!"

such a proud boy!

hell on wheels!

Great Job Mason!!!

first official bike ride...
Mason has conquered riding his bike
without training wheels or as he would say,
"I can ride my bike with 2 wheels!"

About a month ago I tried with him, I held
onto to him and when I let go he was done.
So I didn't really push the issue and then last night
I suggested we go out and try it and he was all for it!
I didn't even have to hold on to him, it was
like I gave him a push and he was off and not looking back!
He's done so awesome and caught on so quickly.
We went all around the neighborhood last night and he
didn't have any problems.

So first thing this morning, "Mom I want to ride my bike.
I want to ride to Brooklin's school."
We made it to Brooklin's school and back home!
I think he can go faster than me, he's a little speed demon.
My dad stopped by this morning so Mason could show
him what hot stuff he was. Grandpa showed him how
 to start all by himself so now he is really proud!

Everytime he falls he says, "This is awesome!"
While riding he'll say random things that just make me laugh..
- This is so fun Mom!
- My legs aren't even tired!
- I go fast on my bike!
- Mom, aren't you so proud of me I can ride my
bike with 2 wheels?

Mason, I am so proud of you!
You are growing up too fast and learning new things
each day! I'm so happy we can ride bikes together
and go fast! Thanks for making me a proud mama
and putting a smile on my face each day!