Jun 28, 2015

orange bang!!

This weekend Brooklin and I headed to Beaver so
she could play in her first softball tourney!!!
The girls played Pahrump the first game and I 
think their nerves were running wild, we lost.
The next game we played Manti and we looked
much better, the girls were hitting the ball and 
we were ahead until the last inning. We ended up
running out of time and lost by 2.
There wasn't much to do in Beaver so the girls
went swimming and we dragged Main St. a 
couple of times...
Saturday they played Kanab and lost in the last 
inning by a couple and then our last game we 
played Springville and tied with them 6-6.
They were undefeated and our girls held
their own!!! For only being together a few 
weeks we did great and they learned a lot
watching these other teams and from their mistakes.
There's always room for improvement!!!!
I enjoyed watching B, it brought back so many
memories from when I played back in the day.
I loved having some one on one time with
my girl and getting to have our little chats!!!

health and fitness

Mason had a pack meeting this week
on health and fitness! Mindy did an awesome
job planning fun games for the boys and 
of course water would be involved!!

national award

The kids were recognized by Congressman Hardy on 
a national level for their participation in the 
Punt, Pass and Kick last fall. They were honored at
a city counsel meeting and a member from 
Congressman Hardy's office presented the award
to all the athletes that participated!

basketball camp

The kids went to Rachel and Abbie's 
basketball camp this week at the high school.
They learned a lot and both are getting
better at dribbling and handling the ball.

swim meet #2

The swim meet was at Dixie this week!
We had fun cheering Brooklin, Addi and Jacks
on - Mason was playing baseball in Richfield.
Brooklin rocked it as usual!! She really loves
swimming and she makes it look so easy..

Brooklin's results:
Butterfly- 46.80 (1)
IM- 1:43.85 (1)
Freestyle- 39.78 (2)
IM Relay- 3:30.09 (1)
Freestyle Relay- 2:59.19 (2)


Saturday afternoon we celebrated Grandpa's
birthday by going bowling in a vintage alley!
It was pretty awesome and the kids had a blast.

Kirst and I snuck away for a little 
paddle board session at Quail Creek!
I've been anxious to try out the board,
it was amazing! It's my zen....

Jun 21, 2015

richfield tourney

Mason was asked to play on a baseball team
for the Richfield tourney. We split up this weekend
since B wanted to swim so Nick and Mason headed
 north. Mason had fun and enjoyed playing catcher
and right field. The highlight of his weekend was 
hitting a triple and then doing a dance on 3rd 
to celebrate.... Oh that kid needs some humble pie!!!