Apr 30, 2013

off the mound...

Brooklin has been playing baseball
and she was able to pitch an inning 
tonight! It was her first time throwing
in a baseball game, she usually plays 3rd.
We really haven't worked with her
pitching overhand, she has the fast pitch
motion down!!! She did great and I'm so 
proud of her and can't wait to watch her
throw again!!! 

end of season soccer tourney

Both kids made it to the 
championship game and took 
2nd place!!!
Saturday was so hot (90's) and
the kids were beat by the last 
game. Brooklin had 4 games and
Mason had 3. They both did 
awesome and had so much fun!!!
So proud of them...

Apr 20, 2013


The kids have been playing on the 
spring soccer league and have
really enjoyed it and caught 
on to the game! 

field trips

I was unable to go with Brooklin on
 her field trip to Roos-n-More.
But she took her camera along to
show me what I missed out on.
A little blurry but I loved that 
she took pics for me!

Mason went to Hafen's Ranch last week
and I was able to help out. We rode on the
trailer out to the ranch and then saw some
baby animals - goats, a calf, chicks, kittens,
bunnies and they got to ride a horse!
It was so much fun even if the weather 
didn't cooperate with us!