Jun 30, 2010

Skating is for the birds....

So we tried out the new skating rink in town for FHE. It was quite the adventure, I thought it would be easier than ice skating for Brooklin. No such luck, she kept falling and hitting her head but she was a trooper and kept on skating! I think we lasted maybe 45 minutes and we were done... I worked up a sweat between helping kids skate and no air flow! It was a fun night and I'm sure we'll try it again :)

Jun 28, 2010

Weekend Fun...

It was quite the decision Friday night... lake on Saturday or stay at gma and gpa's and swim???? I don't think anyone wanted to get anything ready so we stayed home and just chilled in the pool!
Kasey and Meridee were leaving Sunday so it was our last day to spend playing with the kids. Jackson and Mason were little buddies... Jacks walked around just saying Mason's name, it was pretty cute! We loved playing with Addi and watching her crawl around everywhere!


Last week my mom got tickets to see Tarzan at the Tuachan. The kids LoVeD it! I wasn't sure how Mason would do but he was getting so into it and wondering if he'd see the tiger with the red eyes again - silly kid! We really enjoyed our evening with grandma, Kirstin, Meridee and Addison :)
Brooklin is already excited about next year to go and see Grease!

Jun 22, 2010

SaN DiEgO...

What a fabulous week! I'm not even sure where to begin or how to document... so I'll just go day by day for my sake! We rented a beach house in Del Mar and it was perfect. The views were amazing and close to beach, couldn't ask for much more :)
Saturday: my parents, and Kasey's family headed down in one vehicle. Kirstin had to work Saturday and we had a bridal shower that night.
Sunday: left Mesquite by 9:30 and was on the road for most of the day... we made it down there by 4ish. We walked down by the beach and saw the train (the tracks right by the house). We had our own little dance party out on the grass and tried all kinds of tricks and zumba!

*ready to hit the road*

*our house for the week*

*the view from our balcony*

*trying to stack rocks - the tall one was already standing*

*waiting for the train to run over our coins*

Monday: Mission Beach and Belmont Park was the destination and it didn't disappoint! It was a bit overcast but we all got toasty red. Brooklin came out of her comfort zone and amazed me with how well she did in the water. She was a boogie boardin fool!! After the beach we rode a few of the rides, Brooklin climbed the coconut tree (which surprised me too) and Mason attempted it. Our little family and Kirstin stayed and rented some bikes and took a stroll on the boardwalk. It was a blast and I found my future purple house on the beach! We headed back to the house for dinner and some played poker... we felt the 5.7 earthquake which was a bit creepy!
*playing in the sand*

*snoozin in the sand*

*climbing the coconut tree*

*lovin our beach cruisers*

*good times*

*my purple house on the beach*

Tuesday: We headed to Old Town for some yummy mexican food, we had lunch at Coyote Cafe. We walked thru the Mormon Battalion Museum which was very educational and it had clean restrooms!!! Then it was on to the Padres vs. Blue Jays game. We had upper right field seats but we had a blast. It got chilly and the kids got restless but it was a good time!

Wednesday: My parents, Kasey & Meridee and Nick went to the temple in the morning. After lunch we headed to Del Mar beach just down the road from us. It was nice cuz they had a grassy area with a playground so the kids enjoyed that. Once again Brooklin & Meridee were the boogie boarders - the water was too cold for me, I enjoyed laying my behind on the beach!
*brooklin * meridee*

*my little monkey*

Thursday: HaPpY BiRtHdAy PaPa!! The San Diego Zoo was the adventure for the day and what an adventure it was! That place is huge and thank heavens we jumped on the tram that went around the zoo or we would've never seen everything! One car load went home early but we stayed with grandma until closing. We rode the sky ride above the zoo and the kids got their faces painted! **Just a note.. Mason had to pee in his very first bottle this day while on the tram**

*happy birthday dad - he got elvis tickets for the show at aria*

Friday: In the morning Brooklin and I headed to a sweet mall because she wanted to do a build a bear and that was her reward for being good all week. So she chose the Hello Kitty, hula girl! We walked around and enjoyed our girl time together! We hit Del Mar beach again cuz you can never have too much beach time! The boys and Meridee headed to another Padres game while the girls and kids headed to Mission Beach again.

*this sweet surfing simulator where we ate dinner*

*b loves her auntie kirst*

Saturday: We got up and started cleaning the house and got packed up to go... we headed to the beach for a couple hours, ate at California Pizza Kitchen before getting on the road. I think we arrived home around 10:30pm and the entire ride home, Mason kept asking when we'd be to the beach house :)

*proof i did get in the water - i really did boogie board the last 2 days*

We had a great week and I hated to come home! I love watching the kids enjoy the water and sand, I told them we needed to move to the beach! The weather was perfect and we didn't want our week to end. THANKS mom and dad for finding such an awesome place and for our little treats - you always outdo yourself to make everything special!