Dec 19, 2013

cup stacking!

My kids absolutely love PE!!
Today was the cup stacking finals..
Mason was in the 3,3,3 - 3,6,3 - relay

mason had a pancake party today too!

Brooklin was in the double with Myia


Brooklin had to do a report on Brazil
and we had a great time working on 
it together!!! We learned new things and
found some amazing pictures... We
want to visit someday!!!


let the wrestling begin...

Mason has started wrestling again for the year
 and had his first tourney at Dixie (12/ 13/13).
His first match was against Decker and
they were bummed they had to face 
each other!! Decker pinned him...
He wrestled a kid from St. George 
and then Sam and another kid from Mesquite.
He was sad when he lost, we need 
to work on good sportsmanship!!!
He did great and was happy he
got a medal, I think that's all he cares about!

awesome job boys!

Dec 15, 2013

we love san fran - monday

This was probably my favorite day!
We had quite the hook up and got 
a VIP with the Vice President.
It was so awesome seeing all the
back ground stuff you never see
sitting in the stands. We saw different
suites, lounges, visitor and home locker
rooms, press boxes, he pointed out where
some of the season ticket holders sit.
We got a bunch of Giants swag and
tried on the World Series championship ring!

clubhouse manager office

too bad i don't have cute hands to model
the only Tiffany's ring I'll ever try on!!

manager's office

getting the field ready for a bowl game - byu vs. washington

view from a suite

the season seat for the lead singer of journey

a barry bonds bat

amazing views

the 4 lockers barry bonds requested - he was a diva!!

giants dugout
After the tour we found a cute little cafe
to eat breakfast and headed over to the 
cable car museum!!
It was quite amazing to see how the cable
cars operate and all the huge cables and wheels
it takes to make them operate!

b loves mustaches and was obsessed with
all the cars that were sporting them!