Feb 14, 2016

the snaggle tooth comes out


Mason has had a snaggle tooth for awhile now
and I kept telling his friends if they'd knock it out,
I'd give them some money!!! Well Kendall was the
big winner.... they were at the basketball games and 
Kendall somehow sat on Mason's head and he hit
the gym floor and popped the tooth right out!
She thought she was pretty cool getting a dollar!!!

ending out the birthday week

Ending out the birthday week with ice cream cake
at Grandma and Grandpa's!!! This girl is so spoiled....
She got money to buy new basketball shoes.


The evening of the 21st Mason had a scouting activity.
They had to make cardboard cars and then they had 
a race! He said it was a lot of fun, I couldn't go cuz I 
was keeping book for the basketball team. Nick and
Mason made a pretty cool car and he won!!!

my baby is 11!!!

It's hard to believe my sweet, spunky girl is 11 today.
She is quite the girl and succeeds in whatever she
sets out to do! I love watching her compete in whatever
sport she playing, she does well at school, she's a big help
at home and I just love watching her grow into her 
personality. B is so funny and she can brighten a room
when she walks in. I just love you to pieces!!!
We did presents first thing in the morning cuz it 
was going to be the only time we'd all be together!
And Kirst even skyped with us so she could watch her
open her presents!! She got spoiled and got clothes 
and a hover board... I took her Subway for lunch and 
the entire 5th grade sang happy birthday to her!!!