May 28, 2012

Cedar Mountain

The kids have been wanting to go camping and my parents headed to Cedar Mountain for the weekend... Well Saturday the kids and I headed up to join them! Nick was going to come up Sunday but it was cold and we weren't going on any long rides in the ranger because none of us went prepared for it being freezing!!!
The kids had fun, we did go on a couple little rides and saw some deer and wild turkeys. We took the truck to the ice cave and Mammoth Caves, Mason was ready to hike down in and go through the caves (Mom wasn't up for that adventure this time)!
Thanks for letting ruin your quiet weekend mom and dad - we had a blast!!!!

found this walking stick

@ Mammoth Caves

@ the ice cave

a fort they found on a hike

mason is out!!!

being silly all weekend

fluffy bunny anyone???

May 24, 2012

class of 2025

My baby boy graduated from preschool yesterday!
I can't believe how fast these last 5 years have 
flown by... Mason is quite excited to start
kindergarten in fall.
He was excited about graduation and he
was in charge of doing the pledge, which
he got so nervous about. He couldn't remember
what to say but he did a great job. (I asked him
if he was scared and he said no - just forgot what to say)!
Mason I'm so proud of you and I know
you'll do great in school. You're so eager to learn
and you already know so much!  You have so many
little buddies and I know you'll make more friends
next year.  You are so smart and I love
listening to your stories - you have quite the 
imagination (even has 3D dreams)!
I love you Mason - way to go buddy :)

singing itsy bitsy spider

mason wants to be a teacher when he grows up!

the best teacher - miss janeece

double trouble - mason and decker
mason and jt

my little graduate

mason and grandma

the 3 amigos!

May 23, 2012

roos n more

Monday we headed to Moapa to a little zoo they have called Roos n More! It was so fun, just really really HOT!  Thanks to Bethany, she set up the private tour and it was just a bunch of ladies from Mesquite with their kids... Mason was brave and held everything but Brooklin wouldn't even get close so I could take a picture. She finally kinda held a baby monkey but she didn't get it too close!  Robin and I had to be the cool mom's so we held the snake!!!

emu egg

king julian - lemurs

cute little hedgehog!

b would rather hold real babies!