Jan 30, 2013

beehive brawl

This past weekend (Jan 25-26) we headed to Richfield for the wrestling tourney, Beehive Brawl. Mason barely made weight, he was actually 6/10th over so he had to run for 20 mins to get it down to 49lbs even.
He wrestled 3 matches - his first one he lost and was so sad afterwards :( he was crying, I was crying - we were both a mess. He didn't want to finish, he was done wrestling but his 2nd match he kicked butt and won! He thought he had won a medal after this one so he was disappointed when I told him he had to wrestle again... He lost his 3rd one but I'm so proud of him! He took 12th out of 32 in his 49 lb weight class!!!! AWESOME JOB MASON :)
Thanks to all his supporters - Gma and Gpa drove up Sat morning, Kirstin and Zach came down to watch him and Brooklin actually really got in to cheering, it was awesome!!!
I'm still holding out for basketball so we'll see what the next few years bring :)

getting the talk...

soooo sad :(

he's done!

cheering section

so tired, fell asleep watching the iPad

it's GrEaT to be 8!!!

I can't believe my baby girl is 8 - the time has flown by! Brooklin is growing into such a little lady with a touch of sass. She has a huge heart and is a friend to all, she cares about everyone and has quite the imagination. She loves school, especially PE and enjoys any sport she can play. Brooklin is very determined, independent and can be stubborn at times. She also loves speaking with a British accent and is quite good at it!! Brooklin is a ray of sunshine in our lives and makes each day better. I'm so blessed she was sent to our family :)
Here are some favorites:
color - blue (every color)
food - pasta
movie - Monte Carlo
subject - PE
sport - basketball
bff - tyra ludvigson
tv show - Good Luck Charlie
ice cream - cookies and cream
past time - jump rope

Brooklin was sad her birthday fell on MLK day this year since there would be no school or PE. She wanted to go tubing up to Brianhead and so that's what we did! She wanted Tyra to come with her so the Ludvigson's joined us! We ate at a pizza place and then headed over to tube... The weather was perfect, no wind and sunshine - we didn't even need our coats! We had a blast - Thanks Ludvigson's for joining us!
Brooklin also made a new friend while tubing, her name was Natalie and she was from London. She has this fascination with the British accent and when she met someone that actually spoke that way, I think she was in awe! She warmed up to her and started asking questions and then started speaking in her accent - it was hilarious and I was so proud that she was brave enough to talk with her new friend! She even asked if we'd take a picture with her and Natalie!!!
We stopped at my parents on the way home for cake and ice cream and finish opening presents!!!
Happy Birthday Brooklin - we love you sooooo much :)

still trying to wake up!

sweet outfit

b and maverick

The gang from London - she is sitting with Natalie!

Jan 19, 2013

1st wrestling tourney

Nick, Mason and the
Ludvigson boys headed
to Vegas today for a 
wrestling tourney!
This was Mason's first one
and he came away with 2nd place!
He won his first match,
lost his second and then won
the next two and made it to
the championship round...
He came home with a silver
medal and was thrilled!!!
Great Job Mason, 
I'm so proud of you!
(I sent Nick with my little
camera so the pics aren't 
that great but I have to