Jan 22, 2011

the BIG BaSh!

So when I had asked Brooklin what kind of party she wanted she had mentioned a Tangled party and then it eventually became a sleepover! She started naming off all these friends and we narrowed it down to 4 little friends - Alley and Ashlyn Shaner, Riley Price and Gabby Potter!
We ate hamburgers and hotdogs, played Just Dance 2 on the wii, made picture frames, painted bubble rings, played more Just Dance, opened presents, ate ice cream cake, had beautiful makeovers (I think Mason was the only one who didn't get makeup on him) and watched Ramona and Beezus - Tinkerbell.
The girls had a blast and there wasn't even too much drama! They were cracking me up watching them dance - some of them were getting so into it! They started to wind down around 10:30 and then caught a second wind... I finally went to bed at 11:30 and 4 of them were still awake. The morning started way too early for me - we heard them around 7am and then the giggling started all over! Brooklin wanted purple pancakes and sausage for breakfast so that's what she got! Then Nick took them all home around 9:30 on the ranger...
I'm so happy Brooklin has such cute little friends - I know she'll remember this party and the memories she made!

check out these girls


alley and ashlyn


my 2 superstars

grandma and brooklin

just dance!

new bat from mom

happy birthday - ice cream cake!

makeover time

look at these divas!
Brooklin got a ton of fun things - it was like Christmas all over! Her friends gave her some awesome gifts - barbies, lip gloss, a fun bead/necklace kit. Grandma spoiled her with clothes, a mit (when she opened it she said I got a new mitten - it was so funny), pictionary for the wii draw, some word search books and a necklace. Kirstin gave her some money. Mason gave her Tinkerbell movie, a paint by numbers picture and a tangled doll. She also got  a bat, balls, cd player, mp3 player and clothes!

~HaPpY 6th BiRtHdAy BrOoKLiN~

I can't believe my baby girl has turned 6 years old! It doesn't seem like 6 years ago we were in the hospital waiting for our little Brooklin to enter this world.  My world hasn't been the same and she has brought so much joy and happiness to our family. She brings a smile to my face daily and can make me want to pull my hair out at the same time. Brooklin is so smart and loves school. She is very athletic and loves being outside doing anything. She loves her friends and is a social butterfly. We love you Brooklin and hope you have a SuPeR SiXtH birthday!!!!
Six things about Brooklin:
* she is very independent/strong headed/stubborn (which can be good or bad)
* she can be very tenderhearted and sensitive
* she loves to draw and color
* she loves going on ranger rides
* she loves her family - her and Mason have a love/hate relationship! She also loves her extended family aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma's and grandpa's
* she loves going to primary

A few other facts more for my memory!
Pant size: 7
Shirt size: 7
Shoe size: 12-13
Weight: 59 lbs

She was very excited and reminded everyone it was her birthday. She had requested to take sucker cookies to her class and they were a big hit! She also wanted muffins for breakfast and she was so cute when she woke up to the smell of fresh blueberry muffins - she was like, "Muffins!"

sucker cookies for her class

birthday muffins

she was so excited to open one present before school

my sweet 6 year old

i love my b!

she got this crown at school and got to be the door holder!


On Thursday we found out that Brooklin had made it to the semi-finals of the cupstacking competition. They've been practicing this month in PE and she's been doing it at home off and on. Earlier in the week she had mentioned that she was going to be in a competition but I didn't think much of it. About an hour before it started Nick sent me a text asking if I'd be there - nothing like last minute! It was super fun and she did a great job. Her little friend Riley ended up winning the championship for the kindergartners! Next year we'll practice a little harder in the cupstacking area :) I loved watching her practice at home because she would get all into it and you could tell she was concentrating so hard!

the relay team -- riley, braden and brooklin

my cute little cupstacker!

Jan 20, 2011

while mom's away, the kids will play...

loving the scenery!
I went to a class in Phoenix over the weekend and left everyone behind. It was a quick weekend but the class was interesting! 
amazing sunset on the way home from Phoenix

Nick's brother Duane came down on Wed-Fri and we had a great time visiting with him. We went out to dinner one night and then he came to the house the next night. He went on a ranger ride and the kids loved having him around. Mason was so funny and wanted his undivided attention!
Then late Friday night Nick's sister Teri and her family came down for the long weekend. She recently bought a rhino so they headed out to the 3 corners on Sunday. The kids love going out to Arizona and playing with the boys and riding their 4 wheeler on her property.
All in all they had a great weekend and I missed out on all the fun :(

the crew

teri in her new ride

josh, cody and brooklin

nick, josh, cody, teri, robbie, mason and brooklin

love this little face so much!

love my baby blues!
mason and uncle bub

uncle bub and brooklin

Jan 8, 2011

stuck in the mud...

We have a new toy at our house and today we took it out for a ride.... well after we got pulled out of the mud we went for a ride! It was the perfect day and we even found some snow. I'm so mad we didn't take any sleds with us - I wanted to get pulled behind the ranger so I improvised!
just a little stuck!

my little worry wart

tag n bag to the rescue!

we were sunk

takin a snooze

once there was a little snowman

with a cheeto nose and a capri sun straw mouth!

extreme snow skiing and i didn't even crash!

Fun pics from the weekend...

We had a lot of fun playing with Jackson and Addi too - we love them and miss them so much!
grandma and addi bug

ansley and brooklin


playing in gma's backyard

so cute

making snow angels

jackson eating snow

my favorite little man

drinking hot chocolate after playing in the snow for 10 mins!