Mar 30, 2012

flag football

Another season of flag football has come and gone! The kids loved it and had a blast, as usual!
Here are some pics of Mason:


And here are some of Brooklin:

relay races

Brooklin was able to compete on the relay team again this year - the girls on her team was Mersadee, Alexis and Amparo. They won one of the races but needed to win 2! They did a great job and I'm so proud of Brooklin, she ran her little heart out. It didn't even phase her that her team didn't win - starting young with the good sportsmanship :)

Mar 29, 2012

ward easter egg hung

Saturday morning before we headed to St. George
for Mason's fake birthday - Nick and Mason
headed to the church for breakfast and
an easter egg hunt.
Brooklin and I opted to stay in bed and sleep!
We've been non stop since softball started
and we are exhausted... So we got the
chance to sleep in and we took it!
Us girls need our beauty rest!
Mason had a great time and came home
with a bag full of eggs!
He was so sweet and hid the eggs around the
house so Brooklin could hunt them!

mason and sydnee

max and mason

Mar 25, 2012

mason's fake birthday

On Saturday we headed to St. George for lunch at the Pizza Factory and then Mason wanted to see The Lorax. So grandma and grandpa joined us for the celebration and we had a fun afternoon!

mr. grumpy

our make shift cake so he could blow out candles!

mason turns 5!!!

I can't believe my baby is 5 years old!
His birthday was on Wed 21st and he was excited
to take rainbow cupcakes to school, softball, and football.
We had a busy day but we celebrated from the time we
woke up until we went to bed.
Grandma left a surprise for Mason at the back door
and I let him open a couple presents before school.
He requested orange pancakes for breakfast and
I tried to be fancy but my 5 broke during the flip!
At softball practice the girls made him stand in
the middle of their circle while they sang to him!
He loved all the attention :)
We fit a haircut in there sometime but it was much needed!
Then it was off to football and he even scored 2 touchdowns...
For dinner he wanted a hot dog with no bun - so we bbq'd brats
and had pasta salad with it. We were all so tired by the end
of the night we didn't even sing or eat ice cream, we just went to bed!
Mason got the razor big wheel with a spark stick, new cleats, mp3 player,
clothes, walkie talkies, airplanes, a cool jet thing from gma & gpa.

Mason you are such a joy to our family. You have the sweetest smile and
those brown eyes melt my heart! You can be a huge tease but you have
a very tender heart. You are full of energy and keep me going! I love
how athletic you are and how you love whatever sport you play.
You are still a momma's boy and I love that!
You are so excited to start kindergarten and you're loving
school with Miss Janeece. You know all your letters and numbers
and love to color. You are super smart and have learned so much this
year! You love to play outside or inside with your trucks. You always
play on mom's kindle - angry birds is your favorite!

new cleats

yep, that's christmas paper!!!

5 things I love about you:
- you are a great friend
- you love primary (sister woods) is your teacher this year
- you like to cuddle with mom at night
- you love coming to softball with mom and tease all the girls
- you are a super brother to brooklin most of the time!!!

I love you little man - hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

Mar 11, 2012

disney cruisin' - part 3

Friday: @ Cabo!!! I just wanted a beach today - so we got up, ate breakfast and headed off the boat. We hit the little flea market which was pretty much just junk so off to the beach we went. We went to Medano Beach today so people could come and go as they pleased. Well the kids and I just stayed at the beach, played in the water, Brooklin got her hair braided and we got bombarded by vendors... but we were at the beach and it was the perfect day so who cares!

such a beach bum!

getting her hair braided - barely lasted til monday

had fun watching the sea lions
Since we had to be back on the ship by 1:30 the kids hit the pool since the weather was still nice. We just hung out by the pool for a bit then it got windy - Nick won another $203 at Bingo today. It was semi formal dress tonight so we got all fancy again. The show tonight was called Dreams and it was so awesome, we all enjoyed it. Later that night the kids and I went to the lab and made soap box cars for the Piston Cup. Nick and a few others went to the ventriloquist.

b finally got her lobster and ate every last bit!

semi formal night

go team hurricanes!
Saturday: @ sea... It was rough waters today and the weather was crappy so we just hung out doing stuff around the ship. We had the character breakfast in the morning, we tried for the $6,000 bingo but lost (jeremy was one number away), hung out in the club for a bit... The show was Remember the Magic and then they had a farewell thing and the characters were all out, so we tried to catch a few...

the kids loved coming back to the room at night to see the towel animals!

our little home away from home
Sunday: We were off the ship by 9am and on the road to get home! We had such a great week with our friends and can't wait for the next trip! We made some great memories and the kids had a blast... I'm still not a true cruiser but I enjoyed the beach, just needed more time on it!

sleepy kids ready to go home!

thanks gang for a great vacation!!!!