Apr 2, 2015

My baby is 8!!!

How did this happen?? 
My sweet little guy is growing up!
Mason kinda got the short end of the stick
this birthday, I had a softball tourney in St. G.
So I stayed up there Fri night but B decorated the
house and did an awesome job!!!
Nick and the kids came up that afternoon so we
could celebrate by eating sushi (not my idea)!!
Then we headed to gma and gpa's for oreo
ice cream cake and open presents!
I love you so much Mason! Although you love
to push my buttons and test my patience you are
 a very loving and tender hearted kid. You are such
a tease, especially to your sister!!! You're doing great 
in school and actually behave.. You love playing with 
your friends, especially Decker. You love being 
outside, climbing, riding, running around...
You have a contagious laugh and I love 
those big brown eyes!!!
He did get spoiled by Andrea, she made M&M
McFlurry's for his class on Thurs!!! 


Well poor little Waddles isn't going to make
his debut at the fair this year. A couple weeks
ago we noticed he was limping on his hind leg
and it never got any better. We decided to put
him down so we could at least get some meat out
of him. B was really sad when she found out but
after seeing him and how difficult it was for him to 
walk she knew it was for the best! I am proud of her
wanting to take this task on and show him in the fair.
Maybe next year we'll have better luck!!
RIP Waddles

girls day

B and I headed to St. George to do a little 
birthday shopping for Mason.
We had dinner at Twisted Noodle
and shopped our little hearts out!!!

st. patty's day

Where did these silly kids come from???

PacWest Champs!!

We had so much fun cheering Dixie on this year!
They had a fantastic season and we hated to 
see it come to an end...
Their last home game against Point Loma was exciting
and if they won it would land them 1st place in their
conference!!! They won and it was so fun being apart 
of the celebration, cutting the net down and congratulating
the team!!! I'm so happy my kids could witness this night to show 
them what hard work and dedication can result in good things!
The kids were stoked they got a piece of the net!

Dr appt

Mason has been having symptoms like last year when 
he ended up in the hospital - wheezing, congested,
hard time breathing at night. So I got him an appt with
Dr. Rose and we came up with a plan! He does have 
asthma and I think it's environmentally induced.
He needs to do a spirometry test and then we'll come up
with an asthma plan of action.. For now he has 
to do peak flow breathing and we'll record it, put him
on Proair inhaler daily and an allergy pill, if needed
an albuterol breathing treatment.
Mason had his appt early on a Monday morning so 
we hit Kneaders on the way home for french toast!!!

crazy socks/all about me

We love reading week and the kids
loved crazy sock day!!!

Mason's class made an All About Me book
and this was his page!!! So cute how their 
little minds work at 7 years old...

flag football

Another season in the books!

vday shenanigans

We spent the day at the river with our 
awesome friends!!! It was such a perfect
day to soak up some sun, visit with friends, shoot 
guns and skip some rocks!!!

heart walk 2015

The annual heart walk was Feb 13th and the 
kids just happen to be out of school so
they were excited to be able to participate!
We put the kids on scooters and made it
from the rec to the hospital like champs!

mom weekend!!

The first weekend in Feb I headed up north for
a weekend get away with Kirst!!! 
I left Thurs night so I could spend Fri with
Grandpa Gene since Kirst had to work.
I just love this man so much!
Alzheimer's is such a sad disease and its
so hard to see him going through this.
But we make the best out of the situation,
we sat in his room and watched the cars
drive by!! He kept looking at me, wondering who
I was and I would explain each time he asked!
Grandma and I took him to lunch at Chili's 
and then we walked around Kohl's and
I pushed Grandpa around in a wheelchair.
He was so funny and finally got use to the 
fact that I wasn't going anywhere. I would 
just smile at him when he got that look in his
eye and then would smile and wink back at me!

Friday night Kirst and I went painting!!!
I don't claim to be an artist by any means but
it was a lot of fun! Saturday we got pedi's and
did a Costco run, watched a movie and ate dinner
at Porcupine Grill!!! Sunday I met Magaan for breakfast
before heading back to reality!!!!