May 27, 2010

monster mason

I so love this little monster too! He has been out of control the last few weeks... he can be so sweet one minute and the next he's a holy terror! I love you Mason and have loved watching you grow this past year... He's done so much better talking and he can count to 15, he knows all his colors and starting to write his "letters" and can write part of his name. He's excited for preschool next year - that poor teacher, watch out! Thanks for keeping me on my toes and making me smile each day Mason!

Another Graduation...

Today Brooklin graduated from Miss Kim's preschool. She was lucky enough to be in 2 preschools so she better be ready for kindergarten this fall! She had 2 parts today and she worked hard to memorize both of them :) They all looked so cute in their little caps and gowns. Miss Kim put together a cute slideshow which made me tear up a bit -- it's hard to believe my baby girl is 5! Brooklin also got the "Mother Hen" award, which totally fits her!
We love you Brooklin and we know you'll do a great job next year going to the big school! Work hard over the summer so you don't forget everything you learned this year :)

Graduating Class of 2023....

On Wednesday May 26th, Brooklin graduated from the Sunshine Preschool! She had Miss Janeece as her teacher and we absolutely loved her. Brooklin learned so much this past year and is so ready for Kindergarten this fall!
Their little program was cute, Brooklin got to hold the flag during the pledge and then they sang a couple songs and the graduates were presented..
We're so proud of you Brooklin!

May 22, 2010

wire grass

My parents took the kids on a little 4 wheeler ride today up to Wire Grass! The kids had a blast as usual.. They saw some squirrels, rabbits and a ton of butterfly cocoon things in the bushes. Brooklin said this was the BeSt MoUnTaiN dAy ever!

After they got home my dad took the pool cover off so the kids could take a dip.. Brooklin jumped right in and Mason was a little chicken. He'd much rather pee on grandpa's grass - he thinks it's the funniest thing ever. He's almost like a dog, pees in the same spot each time... Silly Boy!

Father & Sons CaMpOuT

Nick and Mason headed out to the father and sons campout last weekend. It sounds like they had a good time - they slept in back of the truck and had a pancake breakfast. They took my dad's ranger out and went on a ride before heading back home.

Happy Birthday Nick!

We didn't have a very exciting day - we've been painting and laying tile in the house and Nick was busy doing that on his birthday. He did get a cool shirt from Gma Karen and Gpa Gene while they were here. He got some money, some tools and a cooler.

Batter's Up!

Brooklin started coach pitch a few weeks ago and she's having a good time. Nick is coaching the team and they are the Padres! She does pretty well hitting and throwing but we need to work on the catching part... No fits about not playing so we can stick with baseball, hopefully softball one of these days :)

May 12, 2010

I'm another year older...

Yes, I celebrated the BiG 3-1 on Tuesday! It was just another day but I headed to St. George for some Cafe Rio... I was supposed to have company but things came up and no one could make it. So Mason and I did a little shopping and had lunch! We played co-ed softball that night and then back to my parents for cake. Grandpa Gene and Grandma Karen were down so they joined the festivities! I got some money and new dishes :)

*sad about turning another year older*

All in all it was a successful birthday.... Cafe Rio + Softball + the best cake in the world = one happy 31 year old :)

HaPpY MaMa'S dAy :)

My Mother's Day was great... the kids let me kind of sleep in and made a pancake breakfast for me. Then I opened their gifts, Brooklin picked me out a sewing box (don't know how to sew) but it's to put my stuff in it. And I also got a darling necklace that has the kids name and a pearl on it.
We went to church so Brooklin could sing in sacrament and she was having a moment, didn't want to sing. Anyhow, after church we had an awesome dinner at my parents.

I'm so blessed to have these 2 munchikins in my life... they drive me crazy but I can't imagine life without them. They make me smile and so happy on a daily basis! What a lucky mom I am!!! I love you Brooklin and Mason :)
And what a wonderful example I have to follow... my mom is the best and I'm so thankful to have her so close. My kids adore her and I'm so happy they get to spend time with her. I love you mom!

May 10, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

*trying to master the Elvis lip*

It was another weekend in Vegas, selling Herff Jones graduation stuff! Kirstin and I headed down on Friday and worked 2-8. While we were helping people Kirstin had mentioned maybe seeing a show that night and the nice lady I was helping said she had 2 tickets to the Elvis show at the Aria. Problem solved on what we were doing for the night... the show was good! Afterwards we walked the strip a bit and then I headed back to Amber's for the night and Kirstin stayed out to play with some friends.
Saturday morning we layed out by the pool for a bit and then it was back to work from 2-8. Before we headed home we hit the Coke Factory and the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood. I think we got home around 1 am... too late for this old lady!
Thanks for a fun weekend sista :)

~MuFFins with MoM~

On Thursday Brooklin had a little mother's day lunch at school. It was set up outside and we ate yummy Subway and listened to the kids sing a couple songs. Miss Kim had asked the kids -what their favorite outfit their mom wore- Brooklin said she liked my pink and black skirt with a black shirt and red shoes! Before we left, the kids gave the mom's a sweet little gift (a cookbook with their fav recipe and a cute poem with a flower fingerprint).

On Friday Brooklin had a get together at Miss Janeece's for muffins, brownies and juice. Miss Janeece had asked the kids some questions and she read the responses then she read a book and handed out a poem with a handprint.
Thanks for all the sweet gifts Brooklin. I love you so much!