Oct 26, 2014


I love being able to send the kids to school on their
bikes most mornings!!! Sometimes there is a crew of 
them riding and sometimes it's just a couple of them.
They love riding on Friday's cuz Sarge hands out 
candy on their way home from school!!!!

Look who turned 40...

We had a girls weekend in Vegas to celebrate
Chrissy's 40th birthday!!! We headed down Saturday
morning and shopped at the outlets and had lunch.
We decorated the room for her and had a fun time!!
We played that night and stayed up way too late...
Sunday morning we had breakfast and got ready
then went shopping some more and ended with 
lunch at PF Chang's!!!! It was a fun weekend
with the girlies... Sad we didn't get any pool time
but it was too windy on Sunday so we opted for shopping!

Oct 19, 2014

Mason is Superstar of the Week

Mason was so excited to be the 
Superstar of the Week!
He picked out all the pics he wanted
on his poster.
This kid makes me crazy most days
but I love him too pieces and wouldn't
trade him for anything!!!
I love you Mason!!!

family pics

More to come on this post....

marathon weekend...

I love marathon weekend!!! 
Friday night I took the kids to St. George
 to do a mile run with Jackson and Addi.
They did great - crossed the marathon finish
line and got a medal! Kirstin even made it
to see them cross the finish line!!!
Afterwards, the girls went shopping and 
hit Chicfila for dinner.
I'm bummed cuz this year I stayed home since
the kids had soccer games... I usually go up and cheer
whoever is running and watch them somewhere along
the route. But I didn't this year but I did watch for a little
 on the computer - they had a live feed as they crossed the
finish line!!! Meridee has been training hard to run
and did awesome, she finished under 5 hours!!!
Kasey also ran but didn't train, therefore only making
it 16 miles and brining the van in to see Mer cross the
finish line!!! For not training 16 miles is awesome!!!!

the closest i'll ever come to the finish line!

flag football

Tis the season of flag football!
B is pretty bummed she was too old
 to play this season but Mason is
loving it!!! 

GNO to Katy Perry

This day finally arrived, after 9 months of waiting!!!
Brooklin got Katy Perry tickets for her birthday in
Jan and we've had to wait until Sept to see the concert!
There was a group of us that went down Jenna, Robin, Reina,
Brooklin and I and Andrea met us in Vegas. 
We ate dinner at PF Chang's and walked to the Coke and
M&M factory before the concert... Brooklin loved the concert 
but it was late and she got tired. I thought the show was good,
very random but she sang for 2+ hours and never stopped!

We had an extra ticket so Emmy
came and sat by us!!!!