Mar 31, 2013

Vacation - day 1

Spring Break was this last week and 
we all headed to Disneyland, Sun-Fri!
We loaded up in 2 vehicles and set
out for our adventure...
When we arrived Sunday we 
took advantage of the pool!
We stayed just down from Disneyland 
at Best Western Raffles Inn so 
we were able to enjoy the fireworks 
everynight out on the balcony!

maroon 5 baby!!!

A few weekends ago we had a girls
night at the Maroon 5 concert!
Josie, her sister, Chrissy and myself
had such a fun night!
We all had such crazy days, we
didn't get to fit dinner in before
so we just met at the concert.
I had a softball tourney in St. George
and I skipped out on our last game
so I could do some last minute shopping
for Easter and Mason's bday.
The concert was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!
Owl City and Neon Trees opened for 
them and did a great job.
Then out came Adam and he
 was amazing - it was a great show and
they played all their hits! 
We hit In-n-Out at midnight
to eat before heading home!
Such a FUN night girls...

getting ready for the big night!!!

mason turns 6....

I can't believe my little man is 
6 years old!! He is quite the
character and such a little tease
but I love him so much.
He woke up to a decorated door and
balloons in his room.
He had requested ice cream cupcakes
to take to school and Grandma
attempted to make them 
(I was on a ball trip).
Well they didn't turn out so 
the end result was regular cupcakes!
Nick took him subway for lunch
and he thought that was cool.
He came up to my softball game
and the girls all sang to him
after the game!
We went to dinner at Samuri 21 
and opened presents sometime in 
there! He got an ipod shuffle,
clothes, shoes, magnet building things
and money for our upcoming trip.
He also got a pogo stick, soccer ball,
baseball mit and bag, more clothes,
a water gun and new swim suit!

Mason we love you so much and you bring
so much joy and craziness into our home!
I don't know what I'd do without you in 
my life - your brown eyes melt my heart
and I love your little laugh. You have a tender
heart and are a friend to everyone! You 
are doing so well in school and reading like a pro..
You love sports and kick butt at whatever
you are playing. 
I love you little buddy!!

busy, busy, busy...

I can't seem to keep up and I know I'm way behind on 
this little thing I call my blog! But I'm going to get caught
up this week!!!  We've had a lot going on since I last posted..
High School softball has started for me and it takes up
most of my afternoons and if we have away games 
I'm gone most of the evening too. I feel like my kids
get passed around and live at the ball field with me
but they don't seem to mind and the girls are great 
with them! 
Flag foot ball has also come and gone and the
kids had a blast as usual! Nick was able to 
coach both their teams and he enjoys doing that!
We celebrated our 11th anniversary by getting
ready for our week long spring break vacation
with my family to Disneyland!! We spent the 
day packing and helping our friends at their
new house... How romantic huh???
We also managed to celebrate Mason's 6th birthday
in there somewhere - March 21st! (a separate post)
Here are some pics from flag football...