Mar 22, 2016


I've been looking forward to this day for months!!!
I was headed to another country to visit my sister...
I left bright and early the morning of the 18th and 
returned home on the 28th. I'm not going to document 
everything on my blog but I will share a few pics from 
my amazing experience! I can see why she loves Ecuador
and has chosen to stay as long as she has...
It was wonderful to see her, I cried when I first saw her 
and I cried as I left. I know she is where she is supposed to
be right now. She is passionate about this work she is 
doing at the orphanage and the kids absolutely love her.
We spent time in Quito, Mindo, Banos and Cuenca!

Mar 21, 2016


The Globetrotters were in St. George and the boys
had a night out on the town!!! They ate at Roy's pizza and 
then the big show, they had a great time and really 
got into it! Nick took Sam and Ethan Woods with him...
They were able to meet some of the players afterwards!!

heart day

Well the days leading up to Valentine's 
were pretty entertaining... The big thing at the
elementary were the boys asking the girls to be 
their valentine! I didn't think we'd be dealing with
this in elementary!!!! Well a boy asked Brooklin and 
she shot him down, poor kid!
Mason asked Audrey Fiso and she gladly accepted!
He took this very serious when picking out her gift,
he even used his own money. We had to hit 2 stores 
cuz he didn't find the perfect stuffed animal in the
first store. He ended up giving her a panda bear 
and a heart full of chocolates!!! She gave him
a candy lei... These 2 are so cute, so happy he
has a great group of friends that are girls and boys!

lots of basketball

I have really enjoyed watching Brooklin play basketball...
After the first week I wasn't too sure but she improved
and her team did so well! She even had her first meltdown
in Alamo... She fouled out of the game and went running 
into the bathroom and was in tears. I wasn't quite sure how
to handle this because the competitive part of me just wanted
 to say, Suck it up and get out there!!! But I wasn't that harsh,
we had a little chat and I told her it was part of the game.
I think she was so caught up in the game and she plays 
with heart and she didn't want to disappoint anyone for
fouling out.  My sensitive little thing... We didn't have 
any issues after our little talk and a long ride home with
some advice from Grandpa too! She ended up having a great
season and was asked to play up with the 7th grade team the 
last week!!! She's so excited about basketball and is already
asking about going to a camp this summer!!!!

Mason had a fun season playing boarder league. He even
had the chance to play against Jackson which was 
pretty funny! They had to guard each other and the 
boys had fun with that!!!

We loved going to the Dixie games as much as we could.
 We love a good basketball game!!!!

girls weekend

My mom, Brooklin and I headed north for Jacey's 
bridal shower. We left on Friday morning so we'd have 
time to shop and play a little bit!! We stopped in Lehi
at the outlets so Brooklin could buy basketball shoes
and then lunch at Zupa's!!! We love that place!
We went to City Creek and hit the Alex & Ani store! 
We had fun just walking around and checking things out. 
It totally dumped on the valley Saturday
and a big storm was going to hit again Sunday 
afternoon so we left early!!!!

sweet Tally (Sarah's cute babe)!

skipper of the school

The kids have been practicing their
jumping skills for a month now...
Today they competed for Skipper of the School!
Mason jumped for 19:07 and took 4th,
Brooklin jumped for 13 mins and took 11th.
Their endurance is way better than mine,
I was getting tired watching them!!!