Oct 11, 2015


triple crown!!!

Mason brought home the Triple Crown!!!!
 He had to verse (he always says this instead of play/played)
his best buddy Decker in 2 square but they hugged it
out afterwards!!! He was pretty excited...

lava tubes

The kids and I stayed in St George for the weekend
and Saturday night we went to the lava tubes in 
Snow Canyon for a little hide n seek with glow
sticks! We went with Kasey, Meridee, Jackson
and Addi... We hiked down in the cave and 
broke open glow sticks and fling it everywhere
and then play hide n seek!!! It was a blast and every
kid wants to do that for their birthday now!

marathon weekend

It was marathon weekend!! I love this weekend,
it's so inspiring and emotional watching all the runners.
And for a split second I think to myself, I could totally 
do this and then reality hits!!!! I really have no desire to 
run, let alone 26.2 miles.... But I love being there and 
cheering on the runners, especially when my friends
are running it for the first time!!!
Jenny and I got our signs all ready the night 
before and they were a total hit!!!
Blue and Juwlz were the only ones that ended
up running out of the 8 I was going to cheer for.
We set up at our usual spot on Bluff and 
Snow Canyon Pkwy and then headed to the 
finish line. We were all bawling when we spotted
Juwlz, she came running for a hug and we gave
her some words of encouragement to finish strong!
She did amazing and finished under 5 hours, 
Blue stuck by her side which was very nice of him!!!
Way to go Juwlz, so proud of you!!!!

school pics

This is by far not my favorite day of the 
school year!!!! We managed to find something
to wear and get the hair is something other
 than a pony tail so we did great!!!
I love these kiddos so much and although
they know exactly how to push my buttons
just right. They are the sunshine in my day!!!


Fall time means football, soccer and the
punt, pass and kick!
The kids had been practicing before and 
after school for a few weeks...
Both kiddos won and will be moving on 
to the sectionals in Oct.

dixie homecoming

We started our morning with B and I
going to soccer and then heading up to
Mason's game at Snow Canyon.
It was Dixie State homecoming so we stayed up
in St George after Mason's game.
We headed to the football game to hang with 
Kasey, Meridee and the kiddos!
Mason came up half way through the game 
with a mouth full of blood and spit so we 
headed to the bathroom and his front 
tooth was just hanging there. I barely had to 
touch it and it came right out. He was messing around
and fell on a kids foot and knocked that stubborn 
tooth out! It was a little loose but he had to hit hard!

hopscotch champ

Mason came home as the hopscotch champ today!!!

tetherball champs

These kids absolutely LOVE pe!!!
They have the best teacher around and he
gets so in to each sport or activity they
are working on in pe. This was the start
of the Triple Crown which is a big deal since
no one has won it in like 6 years.
You have to take 1st place in tetherball,
hopscotch and 2 square!
Both kids took first in tetherball,
Way to Go!!!!