Jul 21, 2014

qualifying day for swim

The swim finals were held at Dixie State this year.
Friday is qualifying day which means the 6 fastest
swimmers move on to the championship on Saturday.
The relay teams only race on Friday and did awesome!!!
Brooklin's team took 2nd in the freestyle and 1st in the medley.
Mason's team took 2nd in the freestyle and 1st in the medley.
The kids did so awesome and worked so hard to 
qualify for Saturday's races. Brooklin made it thru for the 
butterfly and IM and Mason made it thru for the 
breast stroke, IM and freestyle!

Jul 20, 2014

Kendall turns 1...

Kendall turned 1 on July 11th... So we headed
up to St. George for Pizza Factory and a movie 
in the park, Frozen!!! We had a great night and
it was a packed house at the movie.. We didn't watch
the entire movie cuz we went to pick Kirst up
from the shuttle place at 11pm!!!
We're so happy to have Kendall in our family,
she's such a sweet little thing!!!

swim meet #4 - little jamaica

Our season is coming to an end!!!
This was our last home meet and it was
against Dixie State Narwhals.
We were lucky to have Auntie Kirst
come cheer on her all her kiddos!!

After the swim meet we ate lunch at
the house and chilled. Then we
headed out to Little Jamaica to cool off!


Jul 14, 2014

kanarraville falls

We have been wanting to go hike 
Kanarraville Falls and we figured it 
was a good weekend to head out there!
Our family along with Kasey and his crew,
Robin came up and even Papa Mike was
up for the challenge... We left bright and early
to beat the heat. The first mile was not the most
fun but we survived the incline and made it to the
river!!! The kids had a blast going down the
little rock slides, playing in the river and keeping
gpa on track. He stayed at his own pace and did
great for just being released from his back surgery!
It was a great hike with some awesome scenery!