Aug 21, 2016

kanab tourney


Brooklin's little traveling team went to Kanab for the 
weekend and did awesome!! We played for the championship
and beat the team from Ephraim. These girls are coming right
along and are so fun to watch!!! We had a girls weekend and it
was fun to spend some time with B... It was a chilly weekend
but it beats dying from heat stroke! Way to go Orange Bang!!

baseball/softball season

Well baseball/softball season was in full force this
year! Both kids played Mon-Thurs and throw the 
high school schedule in there and it makes for a busy 
few months! I felt like I was just hopping from one
field to another most nights or jumping off the bus and 
trying to catch the tail end of a game. The kids did 
awesome and they are improving each year!
Mason usually played catcher which he was beast mode at
and once in a while would pitch. I much rather have him
behind the plate!!! Brooklin was at 3rd base and did awesome!
Nick and Blue coached the boys team and 
Brooklin had Richelle Wakefield and Brian Haviland.
Their little team ended up taking 2nd place
in league. 

zion ragnar


Not sure how I really got roped into this,
I'm way too nice!!! Juwlz, Blue, Wade, Rusty,
Laub's, Jeremy, Kyler were a team and they are
supposed to supply a volunteer to help one shift 
during the race. Jenny was supposed to go up but
had surgery instead. So I had signed up for the Smores
Station from 8-11 pm. I headed up after work on Friday,
it was past Zion.. You actually drove through it which 
was a pretty drive but it was a long ways! It was fun
to hang out and cheer on all the runners. My brother
and Meridee were up there with a team so I hung
out with them for a bit too. I stayed over night 
and headed home the next morning!

mother's day


Happy Mother's Day to all the momma's out there!
I feel so blessed to have Brooklin and Mason 
in my life and that they chose me to be their mom.
Most days I feel very inadequate being a mom but
I do my best and we seem to do pretty good most days!!
I have some pretty awesome examples and my 
mom is one of the best!!! I love her so much
and so blessed to have her in our lives!!
We had a bbq at my parents to celebrate the mom's
and Nick and I's birthdays! It's always a good time 
when we get together!!!

pitch, hit & run


Brooklin won the Mesquite Pitch, Hit and Run
so we headed to Vegas on a lovely Saturday. We turned
it into a kickoff celebration for my birthday and 
Mother's Day. Grandma tagged along with us and we ate
 lunch at P.F Chang's, went shopping at the outlets, hit 
Trader Joe's and topped it off with dessert from 
the Cheesecake Factory. It was a fabulous girls day out!!!

jackson gets baptized


Jackson turned 8 this year and made the decision
to be baptized by his dad. It was a great day and
we had a wonderful celebration afterwards at
their clubhouse. I love the bond the cousins have,
for the most part they get along so well!!!

Aug 20, 2016

51's game


It was a busy evening..... From the crossfit kids
we headed over to the baseball game. Our little league
always has a night for families to go and the kids 
get to go out on the field at the 7th inning stretch.
Nick and the kids were stoked cuz it was 
Star Wars night at the game.
It was a boring game and I think I spent more
time in line than actually watching the game.
I left after the 7th inning since I had my own car!

crossfit kids


Coach Creer invited the kids down to compete 
at Rancho High for the Friday Night Lights.
It was so cool and the kids had been training and
were pumped about competing! The boys
just wanted to win something...
We got there a little early to check out the booths
and the kids participated to earn free stuff.
I had taken Jaci Johnson, Ashlyn Shaner,
Decker Lee down with us and they all 
did double unders for 1 min and I think
all the kids placed in the top 10.
A few of the kids also placed in the top 10
for the long jump!
The event was held on the football field and the
event went as follows: (after each yd line they had 
to run back to the end zone) 6:00 ARAMP
10 yd - burpees
20 yd - box jumps
30 yd - squats
40 yd - mountain climbers
50 yd - jumping jacks

The boys killed it and made it thru one round
and back to the 40-50 yd again.
The girls did pretty good and finished one
plus back to the 30 yd line.
It was so great to see so many kids out 
participating and being active!

piano recital


Tonight was Brooklin's piano recital.
Each year she improves and I really enjoy 
listening to all the students.
I appreciate Lynne for her time and patience!
It's usually a battle in the mornings to get 
practicing done but I keep reminding her
it will be well worth it. She can't be a piano
drop out like her momma!!!

observation point


This is just a little 8 mile hike which is a little difficult on 
the knees coming down! It was a little cool and breezy but 
we survived! Brooklin even made it with little whining...
We had a great day and the top had some amazing views,
overlooking Angel's Landing - so we were high up!!!!