Oct 27, 2010

BiTe of VeGaS - 2010

What a fun Saturday the girls had... Brooklin and I headed to Vegas with Kirstin and her friend Lindsey to the Bite of Vegas. It's a venue held at Desert Breeze Park with a bunch of food, fun for the kids and music, music and more music! We got down there about noon cuz B wanted to see Miranda Cosgrove aka iCarly - which we saw from afar but she didn't perform. We had lunch and walked around, watched Linds and Kirst pull a truck, listened to Christina Perri and Ryan Star. Then we needed a little sno cone break with a power nap thrown in there. Plain White T's were up next and they were so much fun... Brooklin needed a minor attitude adjustment by this point so her and I found a spot and she had a much needed nap! Kirst and Linds got front row for K'naan and then we found them to have FRONT row for Sarah Barailles, we LOVE her! She was awesome and we had a BLAST! We took off before Switchfoot came on stage to beat the traffic...
It was such a fun day and the company was awesome - thanks girls! Brooklin did great and her favorite part was climbing the rock wall and listening to Sarah sing, All the Single Ladies :)
iCarly signing autographs

christina perri

brooklin* kirstin * lindsey * steph

climbin the wall

you go girls!

ryan star was rockin!

sno cone time

plain white t's

chillin on the front row
front row for sarah barailles :)
getting ready for sarah

Oct 25, 2010

Best Cook Award.... Grandma Winters

Just a little preface to this story... My Grandma Winters is the BEST cook, hands down. She can make anything and it's always perfect to the taste - with the exception of her leaving sugar out of her banana cream pies last Thanksgiving! Anyhow, I can remember as a child eating breakfast over at her house and she always made pancakes... she would ask what we wanted her to make and she always pulled through with what we asked for. So Brooklin and Mason have caught on to Grandma's pancakes and they love asking her to make things such as airplanes, mickey mouse, butterflies, etc..
A couple weeks ago I told Brooklin I'd make her pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and she told me that I can't cook like Grandma Winters - which I know is a true fact but I was going to prove her wrong! So I colored my batter orange and my pancakes looked just like pumpkins even with the stems (no pictures to prove it). When I called her into eat, she was quite impressed and said, "Mom, you can cook like Grandma Winters!" It was so cute and it made my day...
Here's a pic of our ghost pancakes we had Saturday, my kids love these!

Oct 18, 2010

Flag Football

Once again flag football is here and Brooklin is loving it! What a difference from last year - she did fine last time but didn't really get the concept of pulling the flag or actually running for a touchdown. Well something clicked this season and she is a machine... diving for flags, actually running the ball for touchdowns and just doing a great job! I'm so proud of you B for doing your best and playing so hard each week!

Fight Like a Girl

There's a salon in town that is charging $5 to get PinK hair in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Brooklin and I headed down to get our pink hair which she thinks is pretty cool!

There's still time to get your pink hair! Head over to Shereen's Hair and get yours today :)

GNO's are the BeSt!

As you can tell, I'm behind on blogging! Anyhow, the Howard girls were heading south for the weekend and just happened to give us a call. My mom was already in St. George and Kirstin was up there so I decided why not head up for a great dinner and awesome company???? It was so much fun catching up with old friends and enjoying a GNO (girls night out for those who aren't familiar with a GNO)! Thanks for calling us Howard girls, we'll be expecting this to be a little tradition.... dinner at Olive Garden with the Winters girls :)
The Gang & 2 of Kirstin's friends

Sandi * Mom

Kirstin * Steph * Jenni * Heather

Crystal * Lindsey * Kirst

Bowling Fun

A few weeks ago the city rented the bowling alley for a couple hours and the employees could bring their families and have a fun time! The kids were so excited and bound and determined they were gonna get a StriKe! Mason was hilarious, he would run up to the lane, cross the line and fall on his bum everytime. Brooklin did great, she was trying to throw it normal and luckily the bumpers helped her out a little! Nick just throws it hard and never knows where it's going to go - he cheated and used the bumpers. I sat this game out and just took pictures... Afterwards they had a dinner at the Senior Center with chili, hot dogs and yummy desserts!

Silly Boys

 A few weeks ago we had a little play date after school with 3 of Mason's little buddies! They were so fun and actually all got along quite well... They were in and out of the house, playing with everything they could get their hands on! Now everyday he asks me if I'll call his friends to come over and play :)
Mason * Max * Cooper * Elijiah*

Oct 12, 2010

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Oct 7, 2010

Dang Hackers!!!

Just letting everyone know I changed my email - please send me yours if you already haven't!!!

Oct 2, 2010

Saturday Fun or not so Fun......

 Well today has finally gotten here and it's over already! We've been planning this little adventure called a yard sale for a few months now. We had so much stuff between my mom, Kirstin and myself.... we had clothes, shoes, baby stuff, toys, electronics, tupperware, bedroom set, tables, tv's, stereos, etc....
So Kirstin and I stayed up until 3 am getting it all out and priced because we didn't want to wake up super duper early. We slept in the front room with my screen door so we could hear if anyone was out there! We woke up at 6 and had customers at 6:30am! 
We did quite well for not selling everything and I'm so happy to have it over with. Maybe within the next few weeks I'll be able to actually park my car in the garage!
These pics are proof that I was actually up before the sun and to show just how many treasures we had lying around!!!