Jul 10, 2016



Easter Sunday

14 years and a spur of the moment trip to san diego


Nick and I were celebrating 14 years of
being married... Our friends had wanted us 
to go on a cruise with them this week but honestly
cruising Cali didn't sound like a ton of fun and 
I couldn't take another week off.
They were going to be in San Diego on Thurs
so we headed down late Wed night to surprise 
them at SeaWorld on Thurs!!!!
We pulled it off and we actually had a great day, 
riding all the water rides and hanging out.
They had to catch the boat around 5 so we
headed to Old Town for dinner at Coyote Cafe!
Friday we went to the space museum in the morning
and then headed to the beach for a few hours. 
I could be a total beach bum!!! We headed to a piano
bar that night called Shout House which was a total
blast!!!  Saturday we headed home so we could be
with the kids on Easter Sunday!!

red cliffs and souvenirs


I had our annual St. George hs softball tourney
this weekend. So my kids headed to Red Cliffs with
Kasey one day and then Saturday night I handed
out souvenirs from Ecuador and we Skyped
with Kirst! Kendall loved her headband
and purse from aunt Kirst, she was cracking me up!

little man turns 9


I can't believe my baby is 9!!!! 
We celebrated at my parents the weekend 
before his big day with pizza and cake.
Kendall got him a barbie which she was 
so proud of, it was hilarious!
He also got his hover board so everyone 
was trying it out. He got money from 
grandma and grandpa which he bought 
a new baseball glove! 
It was spring break so for his birthday,
he started off with a much needed hairct and 
we headed to McDonald's for lunch
and a bunch of his buddies ended up being
there so that was fun since we didn't plan
a party. Decker came over for cake, Mason had
requested an Oreo cake!
I love this kid so much, he can drive me absolutely
crazy most of the time but he is a sweetheart!
He still loves to cuddle with his momma which
makes me happy. He is one athletic kid and I love
watching him in whatever sport he's playing.
You are my world Mason and I love you to the moon!

down and derby time!


Mason was so excited for the Pinewood Derby
this year. He had lots of help on his car this year....
Blue and Decker helped him start it, Dad helped
him get the weight and tires on and I helped
him paint it. The computer didn't work the 
night of the derby so they kinda made up their
own system. He didn't take first but he had fun
racing and watching all the cars. I think he was
able to get a few ideas for next years car!!!