May 31, 2015

memorial day weekend...

Friday we headed to St. George,
Coach Creer and I did the midnight 5k
and got our usual 36mins. I swear that course
is a little further cuz our gobbler 5k is always 
faster!!! Oh well, we went and finished which
is always a good thing... Considering I haven't 
ran in a really long time!!!

We stayed at my parents that night and had
Kneaders for breakfast on Sat! We watched 
softball and didn't do much but hang out.
On Sunday I had to work at the hospital and 
then in the afternoon we headed to the mountain
and met Hughes', Dalton's and Lee's up there!
I was really nice when we got up there
and then the storm rolled in and it rained and rained!!
Just when we thought it might let up some, it
started to rain some more. We managed to get our tin
foil dinners cooked and then we decided to pack up.
I wasn't leaving until I cooked a smores so I stood
out in the rain and roasted my marshmallow!!!
Nick and Brooklin rode the rzr home and I 
was in the truck with Mason. I had no idea where 
I was going and missed the turn to the main 
road so we went 4 wheeling with the trailer
hooked on! It's always an adventure with us!!!!

my little artists!

Brooklin and Mason both had an art piece that 
was selected to be in the art show at the 
city's art museum! Mason's self portrait even
made it into the local newspaper.
Brooklin's piece was a tree house!

triathlon time..

It was the big day.... The day PE kids look forward
to all year long! Luckily my kids don't get too nervous
or worked up over the whole thing. Nick was trying to 
pump Mason up and get him excited for a repeat and
Mason said, "I already have a shirt, I'm good!"
Oh that kid kills me!!! Mason did awesome
again this year... Decker was ahead of him the 
entire way until they hit the pool and Mason
caught him. So they had a repeat of last year,
Mason 1st and Decker 2nd!!!!
I told them next year, they need to cross
the finish line together!!!!

Brooklin came in 21st!!! I was happy she didn't 
stop on her run and did her best... We all know how much
we love to run!!!! 

May 28, 2015

let's play ball

The kids had a great season this year of Little League!
It was Mason's first year and he was coached by
his dad and Chad Jensen. He played catcher most of
the time and did great for his first time. He also
pitched a little bit but I loved watching him behind
 the plate!! He was asked to play on a traveling team
this summer so that will be fun to watch him improve
over the summer!

Brooklin was coached by Wade Hughes and Jeremy Woods.
They had a cute group of girls and I enjoyed watching
them improve over the season. Brooklin played first base
most of the time but pitched every once in awhile!
She loved swinging at the high pitches but usually
got a hit! She didn't miss much at first base either...