Nov 26, 2011

4 wheelin in november

We headed back home on Friday so we could spend some time with Teri and her family since they came down to AZ for the holiday. Today we went on a little 4 wheeler ride and the weather was perfect!!! We went through the gorge on a dirt road and ended up at Cedar Pockets where we ate lunch and walked along the river. The scenery was beautiful, who needs the Grand Canyon when you have the gorge! Thanks for a fun day Teri, Josh & Cody...

cedar pockets

brooklin & cody

brooklin & aunt teri

mason all tuckered out!

black friday baby!!!

I really had mixed feelings this year about black friday - as most of you know, I live for this day! It's better than my birthday and I save up all year to shop my little heart out. Well the thrill was always scoping out the ads on Thanksgiving night and maybe getting a few hours of sleep before waking up to stand in line at 2 or 3am. Since all the stores were opening at midnight, we were in line by 10pm at Target. Kirst was protesting this year so Kasey tagged along to help us get a PS3 for our other cousin. He had so much fun with us when we got done with a few stores, he woke Nick up and they headed to Cabella's (of course the men will go when they want something for themselves)!
Anyhow, we had a great time and got everything we wanted plus some! Meridee and my mom came along for a little bit and then they headed home to sleep. Well I never went to sleep and just made my way to every store there was!
I had a great time and enjoyed myself satisfying my little shopping fix! Here's to another successful year at black friday shopping :)

standing in line at target

probably the first sunrise i've seen - i had to document!


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I wasn't too happy about driving back up to Salt Lake but I'm so happy we made the trip. It was so nice to be together as an entire family (my mom's side). It was probably the first time in years that we've all been together. We had dinner at DeLaun & Vicki's house and it was perfect - we Fullmer's know how to eat so the food is always wonderful. Sharley did a great job with little activities for us - we made a thankful tree and had to write something about a person at the table.  Later in the evening we had Kim come over to take pictures - THANK YOU so much for doing that for us, we appreciate you taking time out of your Thanksgiving for us!
I'm grateful for so many things... my kids who truly brighten my day everyday, Nick for working so hard for our family, my parents who show us so much love, Kirstin for being the greatest sister ever, Kasey & his cute family, all my extended family, our good health, our little house, our great jobs, food on the table and a good life!!!
(I didn't get very many pictures, my mom has them on her camera)

grandma karen & grandpa gene

brooklin, ansley, addison, mason, jackson

grandpa signing autographs for all the grandkids

Nov 18, 2011

Utah Sports Hall of Fame

**this will be a major picture overload**

A few months ago, my grandma had asked if we wanted to make the trip up north to attend the Utah Sports Hall of Fame - Jerry Sloan was being inducted. We jumped at the chance to attend since we've never had the opportunity to attend, the only problem was it was on a Wednesday. My mom volunteered to stay home and help with the kids so Nick and I could go up along with my dad.
Wednesday morning we headed north - we had to unload a trailer full of Kirstin's stuff since she was moving into her new townhouse. We got that done and got ready for the big shin-dig!
The banquet was held at the Energy Solutions Arena down on the main floor. We weren't sure what to expect so when we got there we just hung out and looked at pictures then we started seeing all the famous people coming in! The first hour was a mingling session - shaking hands, small chit chat and getting pictures - we got pics with Mark Eaton (he was a giant), Jeff Hornacek, Jerry Sloan, Phil Johnson, Natalie Williams, Rod Zundel (channel 5 sportscaster), the Jazz Bear (was crazy), and Tyrone Corbin.

we were table 16

nick & sidney lowe

coach jerry sloan
natalie williams (and she's not wearing heels)

mark eaton
this pic cracks me up!!!

delaun, phil johnson, grandpa & bart

nick & i with tyrone corbin

jeff hornacek

goof balls!

stephanie & grandpa
the crazy jazz bear signing pics for the kids

rod zundel
After the meet and greet we got settled into our table which was front and center. We looked over and saw John Stockton standing there - Kasey was like a little kid in a candy store! We had a delicious turkey dinner and enjoyed watching people come up to grandpa to shake his hand or get a picture with him. All the old ladies loved him!!!

love my sister!!!

So during dinner, Kasey just couldn't contain himself... I could see this little grin on his face throughout dinner. He had brought a jersey to try and get signed by Stockton (we heard he's not a fan of signing things) - well Kasey went to the restroom so we told Kirst just go ask him to sign it. She was nervous and usually she's game for anything. Pretty soon she got up and walked right over to Stockton and came back with a signed jersey!!!

what a brave girl!!!!
Frank Layden was the master of ceremonies and he was such a crack up! I really enjoyed listening to him and his stories. Here are the inductees of 2011: Annette Ausseresses - softball, Phil Johnson - basketball, Natalie Williams - basketball/volleyball, Doug Toole - football official and Jerry Sloan - baskeball.

My cute grandpa is one of the 2 living original inductees from 1970. He would stand and give his wave to the audience whenever his name was called. It was such an honor to be there with him and see how many people still come up to him and call him "The Champ!"
After dinner we took a b-line to meet John Stockton and get a picture with him. He was really nice and Kasey finally got his picture taken with his basketball idol.

we wanted to touch frank layden's athletic supporter!!!
sister of the century right here!!!

the signature!

So I totally had to put this picture on here to have proof that I actually wore high heels!!! I never wear heels, let alone own any. I had to borrow these from Kirst so I looked dressed up... I was just prayin I didn't break an ankle that night. By the end of the night, they were off and I was running across the street bare foot!

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for letting us have the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful evening . We really had a great time and I'm so honored to have such an AMAZING grandpa!