Jan 26, 2016

birthday week

Well the birthday week begins!!!! Brooklin
actually stayed in St. George at my parents 
after Mason's game on Saturday since there
isn't school on Monday. Mason had baseball
camp and I had to work so in the afternoon we 
headed up to watch the last half of the Dixie game.
Then we ate dinner at Pizza Factory since it 
was the only time we'd all be together for B's 
birthday (Kasey is off to Hawaii for 10 days).
We had the best waitress and she made a 11
pizza for B to bring home. We also had 
a cookie sundae which was pretty tasty!

pc friends

I headed to Vegas Saturday afternoon to
hang out with Davina and Kristine!
We just walked around, gambled (I watched),
ate dinner and visited... Lots of laughs and 
memories were talked about.
She informed me that Coach Harral 
had been in a car accident and about
died but doing good now. They weighed
on my mind for a few days, so I mailed
her a card and she responded with a 
phone call. It was so good to hear from
her and catch up a little bit. She got pretty
banged up but is on the mend, she's a 
tough lady and she'll pull through!!!
Anyhow, it's always nice to visit
with these gals! We were talking about 
how we've known each other for dang
near 17 years... That's so crazy, it doesn't
seem that long ago!!!

basketball season

Both kids are playing basketball on Saturdays.
Brooklin stays in town, they made 4 teams
with 5, 6,7th graders. We will travel to Lincoln
and Alamo, we also play Moapa.

Mason is playing on the 3rd grade border league 
which travels to St. George to play.

baseball camp

It's MLK weekend and the Rocky Mountain
Baseball Camp is in town. It offered a lower price
to the locals if they wanted to participate. Mason
had a great time and learned a bunch. He
played a few games and was also able to work
on hitting and individual positions.
I love watching him catch, hopefully he
decides to stay behind the plate!

car show

Motor Mania was in town over the weekend,
we wanted to check the cars out!! 
They had a bunch this year.. 

Jan 10, 2016

winters know how to party

I absolutely love my Winters family and I'm 
so happy when we get a chance to get together!
Unfortunately it doesn't happen often enough
and not everyone was able to make it.
It was Julie's turn and we had it at Whitney and John's
house which was amazing!! John busted out the hover
board and the kids thought that was pretty cool.
Both my kids were begging for one by the 
end of the night! My dad even gave it a whirl...
We had Zupa's soup which was a bonus
for us since we don't have one close by!
We visited and ate and visited, watched football,
ate some more... It was a fabulous night!