Feb 17, 2014

Presidents Day

No school for the kiddos or work for Nick!
So what do you do when it's 75 degrees outside??
Go on a razor ride.. we met up with my parents
and Kasey's family on Utah Hill and took off for
 the afternoon. We finally found some fun rocks to 
climb on and we shot the guns.. It was a fun afternoon!

lime kiln

Saturday was a perfect day to go for a ride!
We wanted to take Cole out and have some fun..
We headed up Lime Kiln to find some rocks
to climb on and we did just that!
The kids were little mountain goats
and gave me a workout!!

After our little ride we went home and 
got ready to head to St. George to watch 
Dixie play! It was a great game and Dixie came
out with a win... We stopped at Krave for a snack
on the way home!!
We had so much fun with Cole, the kids stayed up
late giggling and woke up early giggling!!!

heart day

I better put this day in the books, it was such 
a romantic one!!!! We started the day off with
heart pancakes and a little goodie bucket filled
with a few treats and a movie.
The kids didn't have school so they stayed home
while Nick and I went to work. 
The kids and I went to lunch at Mickey D's
and then we waited for Cole to arrive!
(Holly and Bruce dropped him off for the 
weekend, Jacey was playing vball in Vegas).
We had dinner and bowling plans with 
some of our friends - Lee's, Dalton's, Warren's 
and Hughes. We ate dinner at Bella Pizza,
boys at one table and girls at the other!
Then we went bowling and I beat Nick
by one pin... a whopping 77!
We came home and the kids were wired,
Nick went to a movie and played poker 
and I went to bed!!!
We are soooo romantic!!!