Jan 22, 2012

birthday project...

Over Thanksgiving my grandparents had a little give away in their basement. My mom and her siblings met first to take turns choosing items they wanted and whatever was left over the grandkids got a chance to take. When the grandkids got together, I didn't really have my eye on anything in particular - I had chose a little wooden stool my Grandma Dolores had painted on because I remember using it as a child. Then I had gotten a headboard that was my Grandpa Gene and Grandma Dolores' - I thought I could refinish that for Brooklin.
Well I finally got it down here a couple weeks before her birthday and got to work! She knew it was for her and was very excited... I think it turned out great, I'll have to take pics when we get her room put together!

needs a makeover!

we love the finished product!!!

LuCkY #7

My sweet Brooklin turned 7 yesterday!
 I can't believe how fast time has flown by..
Brooklin is such a sweet girl, full of personality.
She is turning into such a young lady
and I don't know if I'm ready for that.
On Friday she took rainbow cupcakes to school.
And when I asked her what she wanted to do to
celebrate, she said, "Go shopping at the mall!"
She is so not a shopper so I was surprised at
this response but jumped all over it!
So we had a girls day with Grandma Karen, Grandma Kaye,
and Auntie Kirst drove down from Salt Lake to have fun!

wake up birthday girl :)

gma & gpa gave her money so she could go shopping!
auntie kirst gave her money for shoes (thanks coach lunt for the shoes too)!

lunch at olive garden

singing happy birthday!

having fun at claire's - couldn't talk her into piercing her ears!

look at all the goods :)
She found out money doesn't last too long - she had
it spent at the first store (Justice)! But
somehow manage to get about 3 more
pairs of shoes out of people!!!!
After an afternoon of shopping we headed back to
Grandma Kaye's for coke cake and ice cream
and finish opening presents...

mason got her just dance 3

she had requested a new bedding - zebra!

Happy Birthday Brooklin!
 You are such a special girl in my life,
you brighten my days for sure!
I love how you're a little mother hen to Mason
and those around you. You have a very
tender heart and care about everyone.
I love your smile and that giggle of yours!
I love just the way you are B...
I love you to the moon and back!

Jan 18, 2012

car show...

It's been quite boring around our house since the new year - not much happening! This past weekend my dad took Mason with him up to Tremonton. They left Thurs morning and got back Sunday evening, our house was so quiet, no fighting - it was weird. I think Brooklin even started to miss her little brother cuz she started asking when he'd be home.
We went and walked around the car show Sunday - should've went on Saturday so we could see more cars. But it was fun and Brooklin thought they were pretty cool.
We went up to my parents on Sunday to get Mason and had dinner with my grandparents. I'm so happy to have my little guy home - now it's constant giggles or fighting or something!!!!

Jan 7, 2012

one for the record books...

I'm not really sure how I got talked into running a 5k but I did and I finished! I didn't think it would be too bad since Shannon said she would walk/run it... Well we got started and she never stopped running!!! I honestly hate running - anyone who knows me, knows I do not run. Maybe that's why I love softball, not much running involved!
Anyhow, as we started running this morning we headed down Riverside Road and then towards Scenic on pavement. The turn around spot was supposed to be when the pavement ends (which I thought was way to far in the first place)! So we hit the sign "Pavement Ends" and everyone keeps running - for another mile.... Seriously! We finally reach the turn around spot not knowing we went the extra distance until one of the 10k people informed us... Holy Smokes - I don't run and I didn't train for this but now I'm running 5.4 miles to be exact.
Long story short, I made it in 1:01:16... I'm still alive and my calves are burning!!! It was a nice little jaunt this morning and I'm happy I did it and finished... I still hate running but I wouldn't mind doing a real 5k every once in awhile!!!

before the big run

always time for a pic :)

we made it!!!! (seriously wanting to die at this point)

don't judge - I finished!!!!

Jan 2, 2012

one tired boy...

Mason has been wrestling on Mon, Wed & Thurs nights.
It wipes him out and obviously this was one of those nights!
I was quite hesitant to let him wrestling, coming from a family
of height and basketball. But he loves it and he's learning a lot.
He just does the practices for now, maybe next year he'll try
a couple meets. It wears him out and he gets some energy out!
I guess he can wrestle for now but I'm secretly hoping he turns
into a basketball player :)

ringing in 2012...

After spending the day 4 wheeling we came home and got all cleaned up and then headed to my parents house to party! Nick stayed home to go play poker (usually does this every year)... We had pizza for dinner and ate a lot of caramel popcorn! We played Disney Headbands, a cupcake matching game and what's a party without minute to win it!!!! It was a fun night spent with family and great friends :)

mason trying to go cross eyed!

watching the ball drop in NYC!