Nov 28, 2012

fun at the park...

While I was shopping and the guys went golfing on Friday - grandma too the kids to the park!!!

black fridays totally stunk this year....

I'm all about black friday.. 
I save all year, plan for weeks in advance,
recruit my helpers, and get a high
on the craziness!!!
Well this year really sucked - 
I hated that they opened on Thurs night
so I did not stand in any lines this year.
Kirst and I headed to Vegas about 11pm
and we hit Target which was like shopping
on a normal day... Kohl's was the same way,
record time checking out of there!!!
Then we headed back to Becky's around
4am for a nap and headed back out at 10am.
We shopped all day long... We got all our
goods and headed back to St. George!!!

breaking and entering...

sharkee was on a roll today!!!


Wednesday after work, I met Kirstin
at Cedar Pockets to get Addi and Jacks
for a sleepover! We surprised B and Mason
when 2 little visitors were with me after school!

We spent Thanksgiving at my parents this year.
It was so nice and we even had a house full,
Becky, Jim, McKaylee, and Tony came
up from Vegas, Todd and Julie came
down to join us - it was a family affair!!!
The food was wonderful and my mom
totally out did herself as usual :)

my yummy pies :)

this still cracks me up....

Nov 27, 2012

exciting news...

Brooklin got some exciting news Monday (11/19)
morning.. I received an email with the results
of the punt, pass and kick! She won her
age division and is going to San Francisco
Dec 9th to compete and attend the 
49er's vs. Dolphins game.
We waited to tell her until that night
when Nick got home from work.
She was so excited and wanted 
to call all the family to tell them!
(her 1st call was actually to Jeremy Woods
since he loves the Dolphins)!
We weren't planning on all going but
we are now making it a family vacation...
It will be part of our Christmas this year!
We are so excited for you B and we
hope you do a great job!!!

so excited!!!

who's more excited - dad or brooklin???

Nov 18, 2012

Primary Program

Today was our primary program
and the kids did great!
Mason memorized his part,
"I will be like Jesus by being a missionary,
teaching others about the church and 
how we should live."
Brooklin had a longer part but
she read it perfectly!
“Honor thy father and mother that thy 
days may be long upon the land which 
the Lord thy God giveth thee.”
Some ways I can honor my father and mother are:
I can help my mom clean, I can help my dad mow the lawn,
 I can listen to my parents the first time, I can follow the rules, 
I can do chores without being asked, I can do what is right, 
and I can tell them that I love them!

Nov 10, 2012

punt, pass & kick

Today Brooklin competed in 
St. George at the Sectionals.
She did AWESOME!!
Now we just wait until next week
when the others compete to see if
she makes it to the next round...
which is in San Francisco at
a 49er's game!!




ty ty was even there to cheer b on...

color me rad 2012

Color Me Rad -2012
was freezing but so much fun!
I had put off signing up and
debated whether I was going to 
do it or not... Jen Hafen had a 
spot open so I took it! 
We had a blast but it was so
cold, like wind blowing,
bone chilling cold! 
It was still fun and we got
all colored up!!!

look who we found along the way!!!