Oct 21, 2012

finally a FREE weekend...

What better way to spend a 
free weekend than to go 
4 wheelin????
We met my parents up on Utah Hill
and trailered to the corals by
Lytle Ranch and took off
for our day adventure!
Brooklin had called Gpa the night 
before and asked him to bring his
yellow 4 wheeler so she could 
drive it... She is getting way too 
big after watching her on that
all day!!!
We had a great time and it
 was so nice to get outside and
see the desert fall colors
(that was meant to be sarcastic)!!!!

scared to be riding on the back of b :)

chasing the cow

mason is driving.... getting too big!

the kids loved driving thru the water and splashing
on everyone.... they had one speed which was FAST!!!

love these little piggies!!!

Oct 17, 2012

dixie mud run

The first annual Dixie Mud Run 
was Oct 13th, the kids and I
participated and we had a blast!
I ran with a fun team, full of
long distant runners - so I was the 
weak link for sure!!! 
It was still fun and our team name was 
Vicious & Delicious Dirty Girls!

 The kids raced a little later and
they had a complete blast!!! 
Mason was so hard core and serious
and Brooklin lost a shoe in one of the
mud pits but finished the race without it!!!