Aug 23, 2015

and she's off....

This sister of mine is pretty special and she
 never ceases to amaze me! She is on to her
next adventure in Ecuador for 10 weeks,
giving her time and working in a special needs
orphanage! This is her passion and there's no 
stopping her. Although I'll miss her tons, I know
she is happy and in her element!
I dropped her off at the airport and we had to 
downsize 5 lbs so she could check her bags.
You'd think if you were taking humanitarian 
goods, they would be a little lenient.
She is serving in Cuenca and having such a 
great experience and it hasn't even been a week.
She helps in feeding, changing and playing with
the children all of which have some type of 
disability. She is hoping to see some of the sights 
while she is there too! I'm so proud of this girl,
she sets her mind to something and she puts 
her whole heart and soul into making it happen.
I love you Kirst and can't wait to hear 
all about your adventures!!!!

kelly clarkson in the house!!!

It was girls weekend - shopping
and Kelly Clarkson!!!
Kirst, Chrissy and I headed down to Vegas
at 11 to hit the outlets. Juwlz met us about an 
hour after we arrived and Robin got there around 4.
Jenny ended up catching some bug and never felt
good enough to join us which was a bummer!
So we partied without her!!!!!
We hit Target after the outlets and then headed
back to the hotel to get ready for the concert.
We ate dinner at Mandalay Bay at a pizza
place and then hit the concert.
Pentatonix opened for her and they were
pretty good and Kelly was awesome!
We had a blast, singing and dancing almost
the entire show! We found Krissy and her girls
after the show and then hit In and Out so 
Juwlz could eat some more ;)
Robin and Juwlz didn't stay the night -
we slept in and ate breakfast then hit the pool!
It was such a fun weekend with some
of my favorites!!!

golf banquet

 The Jr Golf Banquet was held at Falcon Ridge
again this year. The kids both got a trophy for 
winning tournaments in their age group for Casa
and Palmer courses. Brooklin also was at every practice!
Brooklin also won the raffle and got a new 
golf bag which she was pretty excited to win!!!!!
These kiddos are getting pretty good and
can hit that ball better than I can!
Keep it up Mason and Brooklin!

washington county fair fights

The kids and I headed to St G to visit with
the Newlun clan while they were in town visiting.
We decided to head over to the fights at the fair,
they were going to be honoring Grandpa and Uncle
Jay during the fights and we wanted to be there.
I can't say that I've ever been to the fights -
it was just never a big deal to us growing up.
Even though this was a huge part of being a
Fullmer, Grandpa never pushed it on any of us
and didn't make a big deal of going to the fights.
I feel like I've missed out on so much of our 
legacy so it was nice to be there in person!
They invited all the Fullmer's in the stand 
to come into the ring as they presented the family
with a nice plaque!

tuachan round 2

Marianne joined Kirstin, mom, Brooklin 
and I for a showing of Sister Act.
It was actually quite comical - it didn't have
the same songs as the movie but it was 
still a good show. 

Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame

While we were in Lake Powell, Grandpa Gene
was inducted to the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame.
Kirstin, Kasey, Meridee, my parents, Marianne, Rick,
Quinn and Grandma were there to represent.
It was held at Caesar's Palace and they had a 
grand ole time! Grandpa was so respected by so
many and it was a very nice tribute to him.

lovin lake powell

My favorite 4 days of the year has come and gone!!!
Our family and Hughes headed to Kanab on Wednesday
to stay in a hotel and just chill that night... The kids 
and I had a late night run to Wendy's for a treat!!!
Thursday morning we were on the lake by 9:30 and our
plan was to head to our usual spot at Gunsight.
There were about 4 houseboats on the beach but one of 
them were leaving that afternoon so we just hung out off
to the side until they left. There was a little drama but it all
worked out and we got our beach!!!! We got camp set up and
the kids were ready to go tubing... I was ready to paddle board 
so it was a win/win! The usual gang made the trip again
Laub's, Hughes, Graves, Ludvigson's and us along with
Decker! Friday we got rained out, the 6 years we've been 
doing this trip we've never been rained out for one complete
day. So we hung out on the beach under a pop up or in the boat 
with a tarp over us.... It was miserable but we survived!!!
Once Saturday hit we needed to make up for lost time
so we played hard from sun up to sun down.
We did not do our traditional ride to Dangling Rope
which later would not turn out so well!
We did head up West Canyon and we did the hike
we did a few years ago. It was so pretty and it's 
always fun to see how things change with the water
level being different. We also went cliff jumping today!
Sunday we played until 3ish and headed for the dock.
Of course a storm was rolling in and it got nasty 
real quick. About 2 miles out we ran out of gas
and Wade had to tow us in which made for an
adventure. We were getting soaked between the rain 
and the waves coming over the boat. We were quite the
sight! As we approached the dock, Mason was up front with
a rope to tie off. Well we were heading in fast and had no 
way of stopping and Mason tried stopping us with his legs
which could have resulted in something very bad. But it 
just scared everyone and pinched his leg, Decker hit the 
window with his lip and Brooklin hit her head on the steering
wheel... we hit pretty hard. Everyone is ok and we were 
saying a prayer!!!! We made our usual stop at Wendy's in 
Kanab on our way home and I think we hit Mesquite
around 10pm Sunday night!
I love Lake Powell and despite our one bad day of weather
everyone had a blast! The kids all got along for the most part
and kept themselves occupied. The paddle boards are a huge 
hit with everyone!!! Brooklin wakeboarded and the boys 
kneeboarded and everyone loves tubing!!! This year we
 even did a water slide which was a riot and everyone
got in on the action. The people before had dug one out so 
we fixed theirs up and had a great time!!!
Here's to another year in the books.....