Dec 23, 2012

all dressed up...

Thanks for the Christmas outfits Grandma!
The kids looked so cute all dressed up...
(minus the water stain on Mason's shoulder,
seriously can't they just brush their teeth
without getting toothpaste all over???)

cup stacking

Brooklin was able to compete
 in the relay for cupstacking!
Although her class didn't win, 
she did a great job! 
I get a kick out of her facial
expressions, she's so determined!!!

(these pics are not very good but had to document)

they walked around to "We Are the Champions!"

check out that face!!!!

her little friend logan..

Dec 18, 2012

time to head home...

Monday we had most of the morning to 
check a few more sites out before heading
to the airport. The kids wanted to see the
house in Mrs. Doubtfire so we went there
and they both said, it looks nothing like
in the movie!!! I wanted to see the 
Painted Ladies so we checked that out
and stopped at a cafe for breakfast, Stacks!
We swung by the baseball stadium on
our way to the airport too....

i was fascinated with all the houses...

nick trying to jump!!!

mason had my phone and was taking a pic of
himself with the seal... funny boy!

We had such a fun little vacation! 
We saw a lot of new things, ate at
some new places and enjoyed spending
some time together with the kiddos!!!

Game Day!!!

Sunday started early for us,
we had to be at the park by 7:30am
so Brooklin could get warmed up.
She was nervous and it was chilly
but she got warm and was ready
to compete!!!
There were 4 kids in each age
group and they had one chance
at each event.
Brooklin did her punt and didn't
do her best and she was so bummed.
But she redeemed herself with a great
pass and kick! She took 2nd in her age
group which I think is AWESOME!!!
She was super excited and got a really
cool ball to take home with her.
Nick's cousin Frankie drove 2 hrs 
to watch her compete and be my 
camera man! That was really nice of
him and it was great getting to visit for
just a short time.

the 4 out of the 5 who competed from mesquite!

After the competition we headed to the stadium...
It took us forever to get off the exit but we arrived
in one piece!!! Nick and Brooklin headed thru
one gate and Mason and I were on our own to get
to our seats! So we wondered around to check things
 out. I was in heaven with my people watching,
football fans are crazy!!! We saw Jordan Sparks
and the cheerleaders and Mason was too
embarrassed to stand by them! We grabbed some
lunch and headed to our seats.
Brooklin did pregame and it was so fun -
they announced her name and she was able
to throw a ball down on the field!

i can't believe all the crazy's that come on game day-
i told nick, i would never want season tickets!!!

there's my girl!

national anthem was amazing!

After the game we went back to the motel and
walked to dinner at the Squat & Gobble!
It was a known for its crepes and it
was delicious - prob my favorite place!

mason colored this picture and the waiter said
he would hang in their museum in the back!!!