Sep 10, 2011

mini photo shoot

After our backyard fun, the kids got cleaned up and I decided to make them get ready for a mini photo shoot! We made it about 10 minutes and then Mason was being super silly -- I'm sure our family pictures will be an adventure next month!!! I got a few good shots, enough to change out my pictures on the wall :)

saturday fun in the backyard...

Today was a chill day and it felt pretty dang good!!! Nick had his first football game in Cedar and I wasn't too thrilled about sitting in Cedar City all day - so the kids and I opted to stay home. We went to the ball field to hit balls, rode bikes, made pizza, baked cookies, cleaned rooms and played in the backyard!! These pictures crack me up, they started out jumping on the tramp with the sprinklers underneath... then they moved to the slide with the hose!

this was his hat when he was 2 - he was being silly!

pure enjoyment :)

he was in a picture taking mood today!

love my these 2 more than anything!

this was her pose for the day

Sep 7, 2011

so excited...

for school to finally start! Mason has been waiting patiently for school to start and today he was so excited to go... He has 8 boys and 4 girls in his class, hopefully Miss Janeece can survive these boys!!!

mason and miss janeece

here's trouble - mason, cooper, decker and braden!

Sep 5, 2011

weekend fun...

The kids and I stayed up at my parents all weekend so we wouldn't be driving back and forth. We basically hung out all weekend and ate good food and watched the kiddos run around. Before they left today, it started to sprinkle. So my mom pulled out all her umbrellas and the kids played in the rain! We had a fun weekend and can't wait til the next one :)

b loved giving addi piggy back rides

2 cheesers!

look at those silly faces :)

playin in the rain!

hiking at grandma's and grandpa's

So my parents have a huge hill behind them that the kids love to climb on - Sunday morning we headed to the top to look over the edge. We could see all of Bloomington and the kids loved looking at the river and pointing out the people walking or riding their bikes down by the river on the trail.

last lake trip of the summer :(

My brother and sister came down for the long weekend so we decided to hit the lake one last time! We went to Sand Hollow and had a great time - the weather was perfect, not too hot. We did the knee board, even Papa got out there and tried it... We can't remember the last time my dad actually got in the water, let alone behind the boat on something! Mason wanted to jump off the cliffs so we did that for a little bit too! We had a blast with everyone and happy we got to take the boat out one last time!


he was covered in mud all day!

addi bug!

brooklin and grandma

kasey is nuts - he had to clear the cliff in front of him...

he said he cleared it with no problem!

best buddies

brooklin getting fancy on the knee board

go papa!