Dec 26, 2009

mini photo shoot

B and I got bored waiting for the boys to finish their football game so we entertained ourselves...

christmas day night

After taking a little snooze on Christmas we headed out to Arizona to spend the evening with the Sommers family. We had a great dinner, the boys played madden football (nick lost by one to josh in OT), watched a movie and was able to visit! Brooklin and Mason had fun playing with Josh, Cody and the dogs.

*cody * nick * josh*

*cody * brooklin*

*cody * teri * mason*

*cody * mason*

santa made it to our house...

I think Santa's sleigh broke down at the Montoya's this year and had to leave all the toys here! Goodness, we got spoiled this year. The kids woke up about 8, Mason just wanted to sleep.. we had to pry him out of bed!

*Mason got his batman house & up which he was asking for along with a new scooter, a leapster, clothes, books and aunt Teri got him a cool remote control dinosaur*

* Brooklin got her ds she forgot to put on her list, another 3 muskateer barbie, tinkerbell movie, clothes, books, a scooter and a few ds games from aunt Teri*

*everyone gaming*

* After breakfast (which we had a housefull - both sides of our family came over) the kids went to the backyard and discovered that Santa had left a trampoline!!!*

Nick got a gps, a pistol safe, clothes and shoes. I got spoiled this year! I got a necklace, bracelet, gift cards to a couple places, a glue gun and a computer chair.

Dec 25, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve

We did dinner at my parents house.. yummy clam chowder (minus the clams in mine), stuffed mushrooms, ham, veggies, slush, way too much food!!! After dinner we made our way down stairs to open presents. Everyone got spoiled as usual - the big hit of the night for the kids was Mason got a helicopter and a punching bag. Brooklin got little pet shops and one of the 3 muskateer barbies. My parents gave us a deep freeze to go in our garage, which we are very grateful for and will be put to good use!

After we got home, the kids sprinkled food on the lawn for Rudolph and got Santa's cookies ready along with an orange and Coke! We opened our Christmas Eve jammies and everyone went to bed so Santa could come and visit...

Dec 20, 2009

Christmas CooKies

Tonight we went to grandma's and had our annual christmas cookie night! Brooklin even got into frosting this year, I think more ended up on the counter than the cookie.. Mason just wanted to eat the dough and throw the candy all over the floor (little stinker)! Thanks mom for letting us come help decorate :)

*mason was fast asleep about half way thru*

CuTe LittLe ElvEs...

Dec 16, 2009

RudOLph the ReD nOsEd ReiNdeeR

had a very shiny nose....

Who can eat with ChOpStiCkS?

Not me.... But check out my little man! He mastered it!!

*b slurpin her noodles*

Dec 7, 2009

The tree is up...

and the stockings are hung!

gingerbread houses

This past weekend, Brooklin went to grandma's and she helped her decorate a gingerbread house. It's so cute and she was so excited to bring it home! Mason just wants to eat the frosting... Great job B and Grandma :)

Nov 30, 2009

saturday fun

We did a lot this weekend... Saturday we went to breakfast with Nick's brother and it was nice to see and visit with him. Then we headed back to grandma's so the kids could play with Jackson, they got along so well the entire weekend.
We had family pictures in the afternoon, which was an adventure. Mason wanted nothing to do with them and either did Jackson but we got some great shots. A big THANKS to Evonne for doing such a great job and being so patient!

After pics we went to dinner at Red Robin to celebrate Meridee's birthday a week early. The kids were being so funny so I had to snap a few shots...



*sad face*

*happy face*