Jan 30, 2010

A GrEaT day to go.....

4 wheeling!!! My kids have been dying to go on a ride and today seemed like the PeRfEcT day. We just headed out to Bunkerville and up in the hills for a couple hours.. we had a great time and the kids got their 4 wheeler fix for a few weeks! Thanks grandpa --- you'll get your cookies tomorrow :)

No more Grandma :(

On Thursday Mason and I took Grandma Gerry to Beaver... we met Susan and Julie there. We had to stop at the Cheese Factory so grandma could get some ice cream. Out of all the years we've been driving back and forth from Utah (17 yrs)- I'll admit that was the FIRST time I have ever stopped there and I didn't even buy any cheese curds! We had lunch at Wendy's, after our dessert and then headed back for home. We stopped in St. George and met up with my mom and Brooklin and shopped a little bit and ate dinner at Olive Garden!!!
It was fun having Grandma down here with us for a few weeks, hopefully we didn't drive her too crazy! I enjoyed my time with her baking bread and cinnamon rolls... now we'll see if I can remember how to do it! I love you Grandma :)

*this obviously wasn't taken by me since there was snow on the ground*

*mason eating his strawberry ice cream*

*grandma * mason*

*mason was obsessed with taking pics of everything - his ice cream*

my BLOG book

I just turned my blog into a book and I LoVe it! It turned so awesome and I'm already working on my 2nd one. I decided I'd do this for now since I'm so behind on scrapbooking and this will have to do until I have the space and time to pull stuff out!
I used Blurb.com and thought it was quite easy to use. It took a little time getting the pages how I wanted them and added a few pictures here and there but it was well worth the time. My book is a hard cover and has probably 150 pages and it was under $60. I'm going to make a book for each year, my first one has from Aug 2007 and all of 2008 in it. I'm already starting on 2009 :) And it only took a couple weeks to get here too!

Jan 26, 2010

when grandma's bored.....

We head to St. George to the Dinosaur Tracks museum! First we baked bread, I tracked down a Bosch mixer so we could stay busy. Grandma Gerry saw an advertisement for the museum in the paper, so I jumped on the idea and we planned to go when Brooklin got out of school. The kids enjoyed getting out and seeing the dinosaur tracks! Afterwards we stopped to see Kirstin and then the visitor center at the temple and topped the night off at Pizza Factory! Can't go wrong with bread sticks and raspberry lemonade :)

Jan 25, 2010

*a SuPeR FuN day*

We had PeRfeCt weather on Saturday to go tubing.. the sun was shining and no wind! We went to the 12-2 session of tubing and I wasn't sure how the kids would react about going alone down this hill. Well Mason went right up and came down but after #3 he was DoNe so he played with grandpa at the bottom of the hill. As for my drama mama, she threw a fit - I had to throw her in the tube and she cried the entire way up the hill and the entire way down. She did this twice and then something clicked and she LoVeD it! She couldn't get enough and we definitely got our moneys worth with her :)

*we're ready to tube*

*b lovin' the snow*

*the tubin' hill*

*brooklin throwing her fit*

*my little snow bunny*

*mason before going down the hill*

*mason after the hill*

*mason asleep in the tube - we should've sent him down now*

*brooklin * mom*

*our crew*

It was a blast and everyone had a great time! We all had hungry bellies after tubing so we went back and had some lunch and a nap. Then later on we went out and played in the snow - it was coming down pretty good! We found a little hill for the kids to sled down but my dad had to find bigger and better.... well we were thigh high in snow and huffin' & puffin' through the snow. We decided enough fun in the snow and the kids headed to the hot tub!
We had such a fun weekend - THANKS dad for inviting us! We got our cardio in for a few months after traipsing up and down 3 flights of stairs for 2 days!

*my 2 little snow bums*

*trying to make a path*

*papa walking through the snow*

*catching snowflakes*

*mason * dad*

Party #2

Friday morning we headed to Brianhead and stayed at the Timberbrook Village. My dad had planned this weekend about a month ago and we just turned it into a birthday weekend for Brooklin. She didn't open one present on her actual birthday so we let her open them once we made it up the mountain!
Aunt Kirstin got her a new ds case and a purse filled with goodies. Gma & Gpa got her new boots, a butterfly thing, and a ds game. We gave her a kareoke machine with cd's and a new outfit!
Kirstin did an awesome job on her cake -- she's been taking a class so I thought I'd let her practice! (Actually the ladybug cupcakes did me in)
We just hung out at the condo, ate lunch, played games, watched movies on Friday because it was snowing and the wind was blowing hard. We were hoping for better weather on Saturday!

Jan 24, 2010

a SuRpriSe for the birthday girl...

The night of Brooklin's birthday we headed to Vegas because I had a BIG surprise for both kids. I had got Disney on Ice tickets but didn't tell them... they kept seeing the commercial and wanted to go real bad.
We had dinner at In-n-Out and then made our way to the show. When we pulled up, I told Brooklin we were going to a basketball game. Once we got inside she figured it out and was super excited! Both kids loved the show and Mason was into the Cars part! We had to purchase the Tink and Lightening Mcqueen hats! We got to see Cars, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Tinkerbell and of course Mickey Mouse and the gang!
It was a fun night and everyone enjoyed the show! We had great seats, 3 rows up from the ice. We were all pooped out by the time we got home... Happy Birthday B, hope you had a great day :)

*one hungry girl*

Jan 21, 2010

~HaPpY 5th BiRthDaY~

My little Brooklin is 5 today and she's so excited!!! We have a big day planned, she has school at Miss Kim's and gets to take a treat and then we're going to Las Vegas for a surprise!
Brooklin I'm so happy to have you in our family. You are so strong willed and independent and it makes me crazy sometimes but I love that about you. Your big blue eyes and contagious smile make me happy. You're a great big sister to Mason (most of the time) and are willing to help out when needed. You're full of energy and always want to be doing something. I love you Brooklin :)
Here are 5 things I love about Brooklin...
*she loves going to school
*she loves her friends and being outside with them
*she still won't sleep in her bed... is on the floor in my room (she's deathly afraid of her room)
*she loves being with grandma & papa - any of her family
*she's very kind hearted and sensitive

Some other facts about Brooklin more for my record
*wears a 6 pants/shirt
*wears size 12 shoe
*can say her alphabet, recognizes most the letters, writes a few words for memory
*loves coloring/drawing
*rides her bike without training wheels/ loves her scooter
*can do lots of tricks on the tramp
*taking a little music class and loves it
*too smart for her own good at times
*she's so excited for kindergarten

*1 day old*

*a year old*

*2 years old*

*3 years old*

*4 years old*

*5 years old*