Sep 27, 2008

*MiNi ChEeR - rAh, RaH, rAh*

*Sam * Brooklin*

*Ashlyn * Brooklin * Alley*

*My little monster*

Last night Brooklin cheered at half time of the football game. Yes, you heard me she ChEeReD. I wasn't sure if she would actually cheer but she did great! It was pretty cute and she was so proud of herself! When I picked her up after the cheer she said, "Mom, I did it - I did the dance!" Sam even stayed home from hunting to watch Brooklin dance! How sweet huh?
We have had fun watching the football games this year. Brooklin and I usually go up and she plays with Alley, Ashlyn, Sam and whoever else she can find. It gets me out of the house and I usually find someone to talk too! Mason just runs everywhere so Nick volunteers to stay home with him, which is better than chasing him!
Go BuLLdOgS!

Sep 22, 2008

18 months

So, another month has gone by and my little guy is another month older! Mason is the biggest tease and I just LoVe him to pieces! Some new things he is doing this month:
*He can go to nursery by himself now!
*He is wanting to sit on the potty every time someone uses it.
*He cleans his plate at meal time - heathly eater!
*Still not talking much
*Likes to hide when someone comes home - #1 spot is under the kitchen table.
*LoVeS going for 4 wheeler rides - knows how to turn the key on the 4 wheelers (my dad was wondering why he always had a dead battery, Mason)!
*Still gives the best kisses
*Goes to sleep between 8-8:30pm and wakes up 7-7:30am, saying mom or dad over and over! Usually only has one nap 2-3 hours long.
*He is a growing boy! Wearing 6 or 7 shoe, 2T shirts and 18 mo pants, size 4 diaper.
*Mason can identify his eyes, nose and tongue (rolls his tongue)!

I love you Mason!!!

Sep 15, 2008

100 Things...

Everyone is doing this so I thought I'd give it a try... Please keep in mind, I'm quite boring!

1. I have lived in Nevada longer than I was in Utah! (I haven't been a Utard for 15 yrs)
2. I LoVe my Coca-Cola.
3. I grew up on the best street as a kid - we had a ton of kids to play with.
4. I played fast pitch softball every summer from the time I was 8 up to 16.
5. We went to Nationals in Midland, Texas
6. I never want to see Texas again.
7. When I lived in Hawaii, I went to the beach 6 days out of the week - sometimes 7 times!
8. I hated Mesquite when we first moved here.
9. Now it's a great place to live.
10. I never want to live in the snow.
11. I've been snow skiing once and it was at Brianhead.
12. I had never played basketball until I moved to Mesquite.
13. I started playing volleyball in Jr. High (Go Churchill Jr. High)!
14. I shot like 35 foul shots one game when I was a freshman and only made a couple. So embarrassing, I was begging to sit on the bench!
15. Thanksgiving is my FaVoRiTe holiday.
16. My first concert was Reo Speedwagon.
17. I sat front row at the Regis and Kelly Show.
18. I love cucumbers!
19. I watched Knots Landing growing up - it was my fav. Thurs night show!
20. I don't like cats.
21. I had a hedgehodge as a pet in high school - his name was Ace.
22. I took piano lessons for 6 years and can't play today.
23. My mom forced me to take dance and I hated it.
24. I snuck out of my house thru every window in our basement!
25. I have stepped on a nail.
26. I had my first stitches in high school - in my shin (going for a basketball).
27. I love sweets.
28. I hate seafood.
29. I won't eat peanut butter unless it's No Bake cookies!
30. I have a great family.
31. I love swimming.
32. My fav class in high school was Type from Mrs. Robinson.
33. I wanted to be a nurse growing up.
34. I still talk to my best friend I had when I was 2-3 yrs. old.
35. We had chicken pox at the same time so we could still play together.
36. I have NEVER dyed my hair.
37. I use to have my belly button pierced.
38. I miss my water bed!
39. Shopping is a guilty pleasure of mine.
40. I loved bags, shoes, and jackets.
41. I very rarely buy something that isn't on SaLe.
42. I LoVe shopping on Black Friday!
43. I wish I was a professional photographer.
44. #10 is my fav #.
45. I will never own a Chevy - I'm a Ford girl!
46. I love Tupperware!
47. I have never broken a bone.
48. My kitchen is coke red.
49. I'm obsessed with blogging.
50. Half way there!
51. My kids are my EvErYtHiNg :)
52. I love adidas shoes.
53. I want to retire by a beach somewhere.
54. Cafe Rio salads are my fav.
55. Girls Just Want to Have Fun is my fav movie.
56. I wish I had a bigger house.
57. I have been sky diving!
58. I passed out on my way down!
59. I have it on video!
60. I want a leather couch.
61. My dad use to pay me for hitting homeruns in tournaments - I took him for about $70 one day.
62. My 12th birthday party is one I'll never forget!
63. I wish I could dance!
64. I love reality tv.
65. Grey's Anatomy is my show now!
66. I'm way behind on my scrapbooking!
67. I use to be a night owl, until I had kids.
68. I'm stubborn.
69. I love a clean house but it doesn't happen around here!
70. I graduated with Honors from high school and I don't know how that happened.
71. I have 2 Associates degrees.
72. I've had 2 speeding tickets, both in Cali
73. I hitch hiked in Hawaii, scary!!!
74. I have touched the Atlantic Ocean and swam in the Pacific Ocean
75. I wish I could grow a garden!
76. I had a wonderful childhood - lots of fun memories!
77. I have the best babysitter in the world!
78. I picked out my wedding ring
79. I was a huge Whitney Houston fan - until she became a druggie.
80. I lettered in 3 sports all 4 years of school.
81. I fouled out of A LOT of basketball games.
82. I love to rub the ties of a blanket between my fingers.
83. My kiddos make me SmiLe on a daily basis :)
84. Nick was the first guy I seriously dated.
85. I hate getting my eye brows waxed - my eyes still water after a decade of having them done.
86. My first car was a blue Buick Regal
87. I want another Jeep
88. I love french toast with home made jam
89. My Grandma Winters cinamon rolls are the BeSt!
90. I eat candy on a daily basis
91. I'm going to Disneyland next month (girls trip)
92. I sleep with a body pillow
93. I make a ton of "to do" lists, grocery lists, etc...
94. I'm tired
95. Laren Abbott taught me how to drive a stick shift
96. We lived in a ghetto trailer when we first moved to Mesquite
97. Last year was the first time I'd been out to Scenic, AZ
98. I need a massage!
99. I'm going to see Cher next month
100. I'm done!!!! (See, I'm boring)

I tag all my peeps in Utah: Sharley, Shanna, Evonne, Brittany, Kim, Meridee, Angelique
Hawaii: Holly
Kansas: Marissa
I'm getting you back Traci, it's your turn!!!

Not much to blog about...

So here are a few pics of the kiddos...

*Mason blow drying his hair or eating the blowdryer*

*The kids LoVe bathtime*

TiMe OuT for BrOOkLin!

We were having one of our afternoons and Brooklin was sent to her room to have a nap! Well, she ended up in our bedroom and this is how I found her when I walked in...

Sep 9, 2008


10 years ago I:
1. was in Hawaii
2. hitting the beach on a daily basis :)
3. playing softball
4. getting to know a BeSt friend, Holly!
5. having a FaBuLoUs time

5 things on today's "to do" list:
1. Laundry
2. Check everyone's blog
3. Go to the Dr
4. turn in paperwork
5. babysit Sam and Ava

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Peanut M & M's
2. Brownies
3. Cinamon Bears
4. anything with chocolate
5. Coke

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Buy property on a beach in Hawaii
2. Build my dream home
3. get out of debt
4. buy a sweet new car
5. save a bit for my kiddos

5 places I have lived:
1. west jordan, ut
2. mesquite
3. laie, hi
4. porterville, ca
5. mesquite

Five jobs I have had:
1. mickey d's
2. Lifeguard
3. swim instructor
4. physical therapy assistant

1. angela
2. sharley
3. holly
4. sherrie
5. shanna

Rules:Each player answers the question themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names. Let the person that tagged you know when you've answered the questions on your blog.

Sep 7, 2008

Are You Ready for Some FoOtBaLL?

Well, I have to admit that I'm not too fond of this time of year.... football, football, and some more football. Nick is pumped up for fantasy football, college football, little kids football.... I don't quite understand the excitement!
Anyhow, we've been going to the high school games which are fun and a good social outing for me! Brooklin loves cheering and watching the dancers - Mason just ran around the first week so I left him home this past week.
So tonight Da BeArS were playing (actually winning, I think) so we had to bust out the jersey for Mason to wear. It must have been good luck because they WoN!
Nick is also coaching a 3rd grade team and they had there first game Sat. and won 6-0. I guess I better get use to this time of year because there's no getting out of football season around this house!

CuTe KiDdOs

Just wanted to post a couple pics of the kiddos! Mason is really into wearing Brooklin's sunglasses and he finally put his pair on... The next pic was taken on Sat. we were getting ready to leave and Mason had fallen asleep like this!

Sep 2, 2008

*1st day of Preschool*

*Brooklin and Miss Starla*

*Brooklin * Ashlyn*

Brooklin started at the Sunshine Preschool today and she did great! I dropped her off and she was good to go. I need it to be longer than 1 1/2 hours, that just isn't long enough! We were bummed that her little friend Ashlyn wasn't in her class but she said they played together outside so she was happy!
Brooklin also started a little dance class today. She looked so cute in her little outfit (no pic but I'll get one)! She was excited to see her little friend Alyssa from her preschool last year. Anyhow, she did fine and after a half hour she was done, sat down and didn't want to participate! I don't know what her deal was... I was trying to avoid the dancing as long as possible but this will be good for her. Hopefully she'll get a little more excited and become a DaNcInG qUeEn!!!

Sep 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

*Brooklin * Lydia * Marli*

*My little monster*


*Enjoying my YuMmY smore - B took the pic*


*Making our own entertainment*

The kids and I headed to Cedar City Sunday morning to play with Kirstin. We got up there around noon and headed up to Brianhead to check out the Wakefield's cabin. The kids loved being outside and going for rides on the Rhino!! We hung out for the afternoon and ate dinner then headed back to Cedar to stay at Kirstin's. ThAnKs Wakefield's for letting us come hang out!!!!
We needed something sweet so we decided to make SmOrEs in the fireplace! Brooklin was just interested in the chocolate, Mason just wanted the marshmellows and I enjoyed my smore!
Kirstin is moving to St. George so we attempted to help her pack some of her stuff but we weren't much help. We loaded up the cars on Monday and headed for home! It was nice to get out of the heat but I'm in definite need of an aLoNe vacation :) (Hawaii for a week would be wonderful - I would even take St. George for a day!!)