Nov 30, 2009

saturday fun

We did a lot this weekend... Saturday we went to breakfast with Nick's brother and it was nice to see and visit with him. Then we headed back to grandma's so the kids could play with Jackson, they got along so well the entire weekend.
We had family pictures in the afternoon, which was an adventure. Mason wanted nothing to do with them and either did Jackson but we got some great shots. A big THANKS to Evonne for doing such a great job and being so patient!

After pics we went to dinner at Red Robin to celebrate Meridee's birthday a week early. The kids were being so funny so I had to snap a few shots...



*sad face*

*happy face*

~Addison's Blessing~

Friday night Kasey was able to give his new sweet baby a name and blessing, which is Addison Winters. She is such an angel, it was our first time meeting her and she was adorable (that's what Brooklin kept saying). The blessing was held at Meridee's parents and it was a nice evening, we had a yummy soup dinner!
So I think I got a little baby hungry this weekend and more because Brooklin was so dang cute with Addi, she was a little mother hen. Always wanting to hold her and take care of her!

*everyone who was in the circle*

*addi * steph*

*cute little family*

*meridee * addison*

*jackson * brooklin*

black friday....

my favorite day of the year! This year started much earlier than normal but it was well worth the wait... Kirstin was a trooper and stood in line at Target from 3-5am, while I hit Old Navy, which was a joke (note to self: NEVER go to Old Navy again on black friday)!!! Anyhow, we hit the mother load at Target and after we got out of there we met Aunt Holly for breakfast at McDonald's, we needed food and COKE! Then we hit Kohl's, the mall and Costco and then went and got my mom and hit ShopKo. She couldn't go with us earlier cuz she had surgery on her elbows and my dad wouldn't let her out of the house but she had to fulfill her shopping needs by going to at least one store!
I had a blast and spent waaaaaaaayyyyyy to much money! Thanks Kirstin for helping me out and being such a trooper... I think I'm still trying to catch up on sleep!

thanksgiving day

We headed north for the holiday and we were lucky enough to stay with the Whiting's! We got in late Wed night so Thurs morning we just hung out and took our time getting ready. The kids got up and wanted to head out to the snow! So I bundled them up and they lasted about 15 mins because both of them took their gloves off and their hands were cold.
Aunt Julie and Uncle Todd hosted dinner and it was fabulous! Of course we ate too much and were miserable afterwards. We had fun visiting and watching Grandma Griffin (she's my great grandma - she's a hoot).
I love my family so much and I'm so happy we were able to spend the day together...

*my little indian*

*playing in the snow*


*great grandma griffin * grandma winters (mother-daughter)*

*nick & grandma griffin (she's in love with nick - she can't remember anyone but she knows nick)*

Nov 22, 2009

3 peat!

Nick coached the 5th football team this year and they won the championship game yesterday against Cedar City! This is the 3rd year in a row these boys have won and it was a sweet victory... Great job coaches and boys!!!

*cute cheerleaders*

*brooklin and weak sauce (chase)*

*rich * nick*

another gno!!!

Friday night the girls went out to celebrate Jen's 21st birthday. What better way to celebrate than with dinner and Bingo??? We had a great time, Staci was the big winner of the evening! Thanks girls for a fun night... I think we have a little break before the next birthday - darn it!!!

*silly girls*

*the gang*

*kim * jenna * steph * robin*

*christina * juwlz * staci*

*reina * mindy * jen(the bday girl)*

Nov 15, 2009

*fall FUN*

On Thursday Ava and Sam were able to come over for the afternoon... The kiddos had a blast outside playing in the leaves, on the swings and just being silly! Sam and Brooklin would rake the leaves into a little pile and then throw them in the air. Our tree in the front is turning colors and everytime B sees it she says, "Look mom, it's turning fall!"

Nov 11, 2009

~Veteran's Day~

We had a great day, spending it with family and 4 wheeling! Everyone had the day off so I switched my patients that I would see today and did it yesterday so I wouldn't miss out on the fun. We took off around 9:30am and got home at 3:30pm... it was a long day but as always, had a blast! It was a bumpy ride but no major meltdowns or problems so it was a successful day of 4 wheelin!

*the crew*

*mason in his house, sitting on his bed*

(we stopped at this old house and as we pulled up - B said, this was the pioneers house but they're dead now)

*mom and her kiddos*

*the mountain goats*

*this is what dirty faces look like*

Nov 9, 2009

*My Little Soccer Star*

Soccer started tonight and I have to tell you, I wasn't that thrilled. After last year and not finishing the season and listening to B whine and cry for most of the game, I wasn't really into the thought of soccer. At first, Brooklin said she didn't want to play and somehow her mind got changed!
With no expectations, tonight went really well and what a year a difference made. She did great, no major meltdowns and she scored 4 goals! After the game she came up to me and said, "Mom I made 4 scores!" On the way home, I told her needed to pass the ball so other kids could make a goal.... she said, "but I like making goals." I guess we need to help her grasp the playing as a team concept! She was so proud of herself and so were we!

*go rebels - b was so happy to be on the red team*

*brooklin * rylan*


*telling me she made 4 scores*

*mason cheering*

random pics

My little monsters are growing up so fast! Not much has been going on with us, just enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having! Brooklin and Mason love being outside so that's where we spend a lot of our time...