Sep 12, 2016

north for the weekend


My mom, the kids and I headed north for the weekend.
We left Thursday after work and got up there a little later.
Friday we had planned to go hiking at Cecret Lake with 
the Whiting's, Tisdale's and Jones'. Meridee was also up 
north so her and the kids came with us too. We wanted to
check out the wild flowers and they did not disappoint!!!
Although the hike was a little more strenuous than planned,
some only made it part way and a few made it to the actual lake.
We kept hearing from people along the way that there 
was a moose up top and I was so excited!!! We got to the lake 
and sure enough a big ole bull moose eating and just hanging
out. It was awesome, we watched him for a bit and I was 
in awe we were so close! The kids tried catching some salamanders
but no such luck - they weren't supposed to be in the water
so they couldn't get too deep. We are so fortunate to live
in such a beautiful part of the world. I feel like I need to pick
a hike every time I head north, I've missed out on so much!

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