Aug 30, 2010

My Baby is a KiNdErGaRTnEr!!!

Today is finally here and all went well!!! Brooklin did great and was all smiles going and coming out of her classroom today. She requested blueberry muffins and a smoothie for breakfast (smoothie didn't turn out so well - she told me I needed to call Bethany and get her recipe)! She walked right into her class, hung her backpack up and sat down. She found her buddy Riley and they started playing!
When I went to tell her good bye she just looked at me like leave, she didn't want a kiss or hug or anything.. she got a kiss on the cheek! I told her I'd pick her up after school and she wanted grandma to pick her up! No tears were shed which was a good thing.
When I picked her up I asked how the day went and she said good. She sat by her friend Myia at lunch and had to visit grandma's friend in the nurses office because she fell off the monkey bars and hit her back at recess! All in all it was a great day and she's ready to go back tomorrow :)
I love you B and am so proud of how brave you were at Kindergarten today. You'll do great this year and I'm sure you'll learn lots of new things!

*rockin the zebra backpack*

*mrs. mickelson*

*ben west & brooklin*

*riley & b*

*school's out*

*thumb's up for the first day*

*brooklin & ashlyn - she's in a different class but we saw her after school*

~movie under the stars~

Friday night my mom and I took the kids to St. George to see Shark Tale under the stars! We had a few errands to run and then we grabbed dinner and headed to the park for the movie. We had a great time and the weather was even bearable!

Aug 29, 2010

my old best friend :)

On our way back to South Jordan on Saturday we stopped in Bountiful to see my old bestie, Brittany and her adorable kiddos! The girls had so much fun playing dress up, kitchen and dancing around - they were so cute together, I wish we lived closer so we could play more. This was our first time meeting Gavin, check out those baby blue eyes! We had fun visiting and sad they'll be moving across the country to North Carolina soon but wish them the best!
It's so funny because Brooklin asks to play with Hayden and Dylan probably every other day but she refers to them as "the girls" - she'll say "I want to play with my friends the girls!"
It was great seeing you Brittany, can't wait for the next time :)

*cutie patootie gavin*

*brooklin * dylan * hayden*

*what cute kiddos*

The Treehouse

The week went by way too fast... it's Saturday and almost time to go home. We met Kasey in Ogden at the Treehouse Museum in the afternoon. The kids were actually quite good despite it being their naptime. They played in the music room, rode a bull/horse, milked a cow, Mason loved the trains, played school, tic-tac-toe, had a tea party, went inside a teepee and Brooklin was President of the United States!

*president brooklin*

*fire woman b*

*ride the bull mason*

*mason being silly*

*beating the drums*

*rock star*

*mason loved the trains*


*brooklin milking a cow*

*saying goodbye :(

Swimming in North Ogden

On Friday we went to North Odgen Rec Center to swim. This place was awesome and the kids had a great time! Brooklin and Kasey were the high dive champs and then they even got Meridee up there! Mason jumped off the low board and had fun playing on the toys and playing on the frog with Jackson. Thanks for the fun day!

*the high dive pros*

*mom & mason watching*

*my brave girl*

*she earned $4 jumping off this darn thing*

*cannon ball*

*meridee & addi*

*my little munchikins*

My mom, the boys and I hung out afterwards to get some pictures for Meridee so we passed the time by feeding the ducks, shopping for shoes and getting a yummy homemade raspberry shake! Meridee took Brooklin and Addi to the football game that night, Kasey was doing chains and I stayed home with the boys and Grandma bought raspberries to make jam.

CowBoys in Training!

Before heading up to Tremonton for the rest of the week, we met Grandpa Gene and Grandma Karen for breakfast! It's always nice to visit with them although my kids were out of control! Grandpa gave them these little boxing gloves, so they felt the need to punch everyone and try taking Grandpa out! We love you guys :)

*looks like someone was playing with my camera again*

After breakfast we were on our way so we could play with Jackson and Addi! The kids were super excited to see each other - Jacks and Mas were pretty much hooked at the hip the rest of the week. We arrived up there Thursday afternoon and the kiddos just played until Kasey got home then we went to a park and ate the best pizza ever. Kasey had arranged for the kids to go ride a horse that evening so after dinner we went to do that! Mason rode on Sticks and Brooklin rode Silver, they loved riding the horse! Jackson rode with both of them and we tried putting Addi on one but she wanted nothing to do with it!