Dec 31, 2008

Mason pees in the toliet....

Well after he peed on his truck, then the carpet, then on the bathroom floor and finally we made it on the toliet! Boys are much different than girls - he had it flyin everywhere!!! He's been wanting to sit on the toliet a lot lately so hopefully this is a good sign and we can get this kid potty trained. He'll probably be potty trained before he's talking :)

Dec 26, 2008

Thanks SaNtA!

*Mason and his mean look*

*Mom and Brooklin*

*Mason taking a ride on Rudolph*

*B and her pink camera with 2 buttons and flowers* (we've already had to put new batteries in after a day!)

*A package from Santa*

*Nick's stuff*

*Mason's stuff*

*Brooklin's stuff*

We had an AwEsOmE christmas - the kids are at a fun age and they were super excited to see what Santa had left them! We were all spoiled this year for some odd reason... My parents and Kirstin came over to see what Santa had brought the kiddos and then we started making breakfast for the crew! We had both families over to eat and then Teri, Joe and the kids and Robbie stayed the afternoon. We played Guitar Hero, watched movies, visited, ate turkey and played with all the toys. I was beat by the end of the day...we were all ready for bed!
Brooklin got her pink camera with 2 buttons, Hannah Montana guitar hero, leapster games, kung fu panda, shoes, clothes, pop up tent castle, laptop computer (aunt teri), too much stuff!
Mason got a tool bench, fork lift truck, fridge magnet thing, clothes, shoes, cars, doodle board, play animals, too much stuff!
Nick got Motley Crue tickets, Oakleys, clothes, shoes, and guitar hero for the wii!
Steph got spoiled - I got my camera and ipod the other night, a gift certificate to Buckle and Robert's. I also got the wii fit from my mom and dad - now i might have to actually use it!
We had a great Christmas and we are so thankful for everything we were blessed with this year. It's been fun spending time with family and visiting - we have definitely ate way too much food this week!

*Christmas Eve*

*Santa's magic key (since we don't have a chimney)*

*cookies and milk left for Santa and an apple for Rudolph*

*Christmas jammies - went with the penguin theme this year*

Christmas eve we headed out to Arizona and ate dinner with Nick's sister Teri, her family and Robbie. We had some yummy tacos and visited and took turns rocking out on the rock band game! It was pretty fun and quite comical trying to sing! We headed home to open our christmas jammies, set out cookies for Santa, leave the magic key on the front door and try to get 2 kids asleep! Brooklin was still awake at midnight and she kept coming out to check on the cookies to make sure I wasn't eating them! Silly girl :)
Cute things Brooklin has said getting ready for Santa: (this is for more for me so I will remember)
*I was going to the store and asked if we needed anything and B said, "Mom buy an apple for Rudolph cuz those are his favorite.
*I asked B what we should leave out for Santa to drink and she said "Milk." I said what about a Coke, Santa loves Coke. And she just laughed and said, "No mom, he only drinks milk."
*We have to remember the magic key so Santa can come in.

Dec 22, 2008

Santa can skip the Montoya's this year!

*Mason was in heaven.. his chair, a slinky and a sucker*

*My new baby*

*B was so excited to get Mama Mia*

*Mason's new best buddy*

*B's red princess present*

We had our little Winters party Sunday night. Kasey, Meridee & Jackson are headed north for Christmas so we partied before they left. We had a great dinner as usual, opened presents, had dessert and called it a night! We were spoiled again and we all made a haul! Mason opened this dinosaur first and didn't care about anything else, he LoVeD it. Brooklin just wanted more and more, she knew what presents had her name on it and she wasn't going to let Grandpa forget any of them. Santa came early for me and delivered a Nikon D60 camera to me along with a purple ipod nano. I got spoiled for sure!!! We also got a tv for our room, digital photo frame, a new wii game and a bunch of other stuff! We want to ThANk everyone for everything... mom and dad you went out of your way again this year to make it so fun and special! We LoVe YoU... Now Santa can skip our house and we can sleep in - yeah right!

Christmas Cookies

*Official Froster*

*Show me how the little piggy eats a cookie*

*Modeling B's apron*

*Cookie helper*

*Brooklin looks much cuter in the apron*

Saturday night we decorated the BeSt sugar cookies ever! We LoVe Grandma Kaye's cookies! Brooklin really got into the whole cookie thing again... Mason loves eating them along with everyone else... Thanks Mom for letting us make a huge mess of your kitchen and leaving you to clean it up :)

2nd Attempt on Christmas Outfits

I consider this a successful picture! Both kids in the same pic, not fighting and somewhat smiling :)

SaNtA cLaUs

Saturday the kids were able to sit on Santa's lap for the last time before Christmas. Brooklin stayed with wanting her PiNk CaMeRa with 2 BuTToNs! Mason just sat there and looked at him and grunted!

Dec 18, 2008

Proud Mama :)

*Brooklin and her buddy Zachary*

*Christmas cookie*

*Singing Jingle Bells (she use to sing Dingle Bells)

*Mason getting in on the cookie action (we can't pass up a cookie)*

Today was Brooklin's little Christmas program at school and they sang 2 songs: Jingle Bells and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. She did a great job, she's been practicing for a few weeks now! After singing she had a little party and Mason was able to join in the fun - he thinks he's sooo BiG! Thanks Grandma for coming to listen...
**Just a little side note - I think Nevada had it's first ever SNOW DAY, no school. Las Vegas had record setting snowfall and since we're part of Clark County, the kids stayed home today. Pretty Crazy**

Dec 17, 2008

A NeW and ImPrOvEd look for the tree....

Brooklin and Mason thought they would give our Christmas tree a new look... I was happy with the old look! They strung every necklace, bracelett and ring Brooklin had on the tree and were soooo proud of themselves. Brooklin kept saying, "Look at how beautiful mom, don't you love it?" The new decorations stayed on the tree for a day and are now moved to the little tree in Brooklin's room! Great Job Kiddos :)

Dec 16, 2008

ChRiStMaS OuTfiTs

Obviously Mason didn't want to cooperate for a picture - we'll attempt another one next week!!!

PiZzA fAcToRy

*The whole Fam*

*Mason * Brooklin*

*Brooklin * Jackson*

Thanks to mom we had a great dinner at Pizza Factory and then we drove around looking at christmas lights. The original plan was to eat and go to the Tuachan to see the live nativity. But it was raining and then it started snowing so we veto'd the Tuachan! We drove around the temple to check out those lights and then went thru a neighborhood and headed home! Thanks mom and dad for dinner :)

Dec 4, 2008

*O Christmas Tree*

If anyone needs a tree decorator, I have a little one who is soooo into decorating trees! Monday night as we were putting the tree together she kept saying "Oh mom, what a beautiful tree!" It was so funny and she was so serious. On Tuesday we got out all the decorations and I went back in the bedroom and came back out to fully decorated bottom half christmas tree! She was so proud of herself and I just had to smile and say "That looks so good Brooklin!" So we spread out the ornaments and moved on to the little tree we put in Brooklin's room. Our is fully decorated on the inside and we're ready for Santa!!!!

Dec 1, 2008

Grandpa Winters

*Mike & Grandpa*

*Grandma & Grandpa*

*Grandpa & Jackson*

*Another attempt at a family pic with Grandpa*

*Nick, Mason & Grandpa*

Grandpa Winters isn't doing to well and we are so blessed that we had this past weekend with him. He wasn't able to get out of bed but we bombarded him with the visiting this weekend. Someone was always on the bed with him or sitting in the chairs, standing or sitting on the floor so we could spend some quality time with our GrAnDpA WiNtErS. He was joking with us and telling us stories from long ago - it was good to be there with him.
As we left on Sunday, it was an emotional day for everyone. We kind of said our last good-bye's because we don't know how much longer he will be with us. It's so hard living this far away in situations like this. Grandma has been taking such good care of him and doesn't leave his side. We could always find Grandma lying in bed rubbing Grandpa's back... We LoVe you Grandpa!