Nov 20, 2008

This post is from Kirstin....

My sister Kirstin is going to Guatemala in January for a week.... she is helping at an orphanage and below is a little info about what they need. She is going with a girl who went over in August and she is going back to volunteer also. Kirstin will be taking an extra suitcase just for items that are needed at the orphanage. BABY FORMULA and SCHOOL SUPPLIES are what they are asking for. She is hoping to get everything collected by the first week of January. If you have any questions or would like to make a donation please email me and I'll pass it along to Kirstin. My email is or you can always leave me a comment! THANKS for reading and helping out if you can :)

Hello Ladies!!
This year I have been very involved with an orphanage in Guatemala and in August I went there to volunteer. In January I will be returning along with Kari Nash in our ward to the orphanage for another 7 days. I am taking an extra suitcase full of things to help feed the babies and meet their needs.
If anyone has a used Baby Monitor that they no longer need, they are in desperate need of one. The orphanage is constructed completely of cement, including the walls so it is very difficult to hear the babies when they wake up.
They are also in need of baby formula. We currently have about 7 babies in the orphanage, and they range from all ages. This is especially important because even the older babies drink formula. None of the children drink real milk because it's not pasteurized in Guatemala. Leading to a high risk of illnes. Even the adults drink powdered milk, or hot milk to help kill the bacteria. If you have any leftover formula sitting in your homes, it would be greatly appreciated because formula is SOO expensive there. Anything of that nature must be imported into the country.
I know these are tough times for everyone. I really don't want someone strain their family budget in any way, but if you already have it in your home and no longer have a need for it, these children would benefit from your donation. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Nov 17, 2008

Brooklin's FiRsT trip to the DeNtiSt

What an adventure this was.... I had mentioned to her last week that she'd be going to the dentist and she just started crying and begging not to go. Well the day had arrived and the anxiety was flowing... from the second I mentioned we were going, she had alligator tears and very against going. But we went and a huge ThAnK yOu to ChRiSsY and MeSqUiTe DeNtaL for enduring the screaming and tears while we were there. I ended up having to sit in the chair and held her hands and head, she calmed down after a bit but Oh My Drama Mama!!! Her teeth looked good and she got a new princess toothbrush and was able to pick a toy from the treasure chest. Great Job Brooklin for being a brave little girl - Keep brushing your teeth!!!

Nov 16, 2008

I've been avoiding the Great 8 - thanks Ang!

8 Shows I like to watch:
1- grey's anatomy
2- desperate housewives
3- biggest loser
4- jon and kate plus8
5- ellen
6- top chef
7- private practice
8- dancing with the stars - go warren or brooke!

8 Restaurants I Like To Eat At:
1- cafe rio
2- olive garden
3- wendy's
4- pizza factory
5- any of the golf courses in town
6- can't forget good ole Mickey D's
7- cheesecake factory
8- pf chang's

8 Things That Happened Today:
1- Showered
2- went to church
3- took a nap
4- made dinner
5- went to my parent's house
6- talked on the phone
7- ate ice cream
8- watched desperate housewives

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1- black friday!!!!!!
2- thanksgiving
3- christmas to finally be here so brooklin will stop asking!
4- did i mention black friday?
5- getting mason out of his bed and into a real bed
6- seeing extended family
7- drinking a coke tomorrow!
8- something fun and exciting...

8 Things On My Wish List:
1- tile and new carpet
2- a new camera
3- to be debt free one of these days
4- drop a few pounds
5- to head back to hawaii soon!
6- my kiddos to be healthy and strong
7- to live a long and happy life :)
8- my house to be painted

8 People I Am Tagging
1- whoever hasn't done this yet

Nov 15, 2008

4th grade ChAmPiOnS!

Nick helped coach the 4th grade football team this year and they played in the championship game today against Hurricane. The boys did a great job and they were able to defend their title from last year.... 2 time Champions!!!! Great job boys and coaches, we're proud of you!!!! Nick had a lot of fun helping out and they boys love him. He can't wait until Mason is out there.... I can wait for a few more years!

Nov 14, 2008

Trying to be crafty!

So I totally copied these from Evonne's blog and I thought they were darling... so I tried to make some! My awesome dad even cut and sanded all the blocks for me - Thanks Dad! I made Halloween one's but I gave them all away. Here is the Thanksgiving set I did! Thanks for the cute idea Evonne!!!!

Soccer Chaos...

Brooklin started soccer this week... what chaos! It was a great laugh for the evening, a bunch of 3 year olds running around trying to kick the ball around! They play two 15 min halfs and by the end of the last half Brooklin was done running around and she sat on the sideline. Hopefully it will get a little better in the coming weeks!!!! Great Job B :)

*bLaCk FriDaY*

Is 2 weeks away.... YEAH! I love Thanksgiving and I think it's because I get to wake up super early and stand in lines with crazy people to SHOP!!!! I'm quite excited because we'll be up in Utah and shopping is soooo much better up there! I have my warm coat ready and my running shoes on.... 14 days to go!

Nov 11, 2008

I've been a slacker :)

Nothing new has happened around here, we are still boring as ever! My parents took the kids out to Whitney Pockets on Friday for a little camping trip. They were in heaven (the kiddos), dirt + 4 wheelers + rocks + no mom or dad around = FUN! I headed out on Saturday evening to spend the night and planned on staying most of Sunday out there before heading home. My mom had Mon and Tues off of school and so they were going to stay until Monday. Well Sunday when we got ready for our ride it didn't look to sunny and before too long it was raining. It's a good thing ole Mikey has a coat fetish because we all stayed warm with his coats!!! Anyhow, after our short ride we headed back to camp and started packing up. My dad was anxious to get home... It cleared up once we pulled out but it was too late. But the kids had a great time and it was nice to get out of town for a bit!

Nov 1, 2008


*Snow White*

*My little Monkey*

*Mason, Brooklin, Alley, Ashlyn, Ammon*

We had a great Halloween - the kids loved knocking on the doors and holding their bags out to collect candy. We went to a couple of the neighbors houses, then to a couple of friends and hit Grandma & Grandpa's circle! We were home by 9 and I was asleep by 9:30!!! We hope everyone had a night full of fun and good candy!