Oct 29, 2008

Thursday on ELLEN...

*Zac Efron*

*Nick Jonas*

Another great show with AwEsOmE prizes!!! Yes, Zac Efron was on the show... along with Clint Eastwood and Nick Jonas. We got to take home the XBOX360, $100 target card, a pink controller and a dog tag necklace from Nick Jonas. Kirstin is moving up in the talk show world (she was a go-go dancer on Regis & Kelly), she was a constestant for Zac or Smack - she was gaga over Zac and he's beautiful eyes! She was on cloud 9!!! Here we are with the goods...

Wednesday on ELLEN....

*Jennifer Love Hewitt*

*Kellie Pickler*

*Mario Lopez (surprise guest)*

*We made it in an Ellen pic*

Oh My Goodness... I don't even know where to start! We saw ELLEN, danced with her (well kind of by her), sat in the FrOnT row and we even got a wave from her. We had sooooo much fun! The employees liked us so much, they asked us to stay for a second taping! We scored a Kellie Pickler cd in the first show!


*Brooklin and Minnie Mouse*

*This is how she rode most of the rides!*

*Horrible pic of me but this was on Splash Mountain... caught the moment!*

*Kirstin & Steph*

We had so much fun on our little girls trip away! We left Saturday and it took us a while to get to our destination because I had to stop at Mervyn's and we stopped at the outlets. Sunday morning we hit Disneyland and stayed for most of the day/night. Brooklin was excited to see all the characters but didn't know about the rides. She didn't really like the roller coasters at all - she would put her hands over her eyes for the entire time and peak through on occasion! We broke her in early and put her on the Matterhorn and later we took her on Splash Mountain - she didn't want to get wet and she did! I think we did the Jungle ride about 4 times and Winnie the Pooh about 4 times! We were able to meet some of the princesses; Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Aladdin. We saw most of the characters twice... we had a lot of fun but we were pooped out by that night. Brooklin fell asleep before we even got on the bus and when we got back to the room she woke up and said, "How did we get here?" It was quite cute!
Day 2: we started at California Adventure and hit a few rides, had lunch, watched Brooklin get soooo tired and lay down in the middle of a bridge. About half way through the day we headed back to Disney to catch a few rides we missed. We also did Downtown Disney and hit Build a Bear!
Day 3: Brooklin and grandma stayed at the hotel while Kirstin and myself went to ELLEN! We had such a blast... we are definitely going back again!
We ended up getting home around 3am and everyone had to work in the morning, so we were running on empty! I think it's finally catching up to me today... I'm ready for a nap!

Click to play Disneyland 2008
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YoU tOtaLLy HaVe to WaTch....

on Wednesday (10/29) and FOR SURE on Thursday (10/30)!!!!! Look for Kirstin and myself in the audience on both days but tune in to see what we SCORED on Thursdays show!
We had sooooo much fun on our little vacation. I'll post more in the days to come, we just got home and it's 3:20am. I have to work in about 5 hours so I'm hitting the hay!

Oct 22, 2008

My 2 Little Monsters...

SuGaR cOoKiEs

One of the best things about Halloween is decorating SuGaR cOoKiEs! We LOVE Grandma Kaye's sugar cookies... Brooklin was quite the little decorater, she loved cutting out the cookies and of course eating the dough. Mason just like licking the frosting off and eating the top layer of cookie and eating the M & M's! I have moved up to be the head froster!!! We love this tradition of baking cookies and decorating them.

Oct 19, 2008

A few things going on...

Life this week has been quiet with a few changes! Nick was in Baltimore all week for a convention. He was able to head into Washington D.C. for a day of sightseeing - of course he didn't take a camera and only had cheap-o one. He is now home and the kiddos were so excited to see him.

I on the other hand had an eventful week. I left my job at Mesa View PT and started working with another company in town, Virgin Valley PT. I just needed a change and I'm really excited to get going with the home health! Change is good, right? I will miss everyone at MVPT but I'm working with a great new group of people which I'm hoping I get to know better!

The kids have been keeping busy with life. Brooklin is doing gymnastics twice a week and I think loving it. Mason wants to be doing something but he just runs wild! We are getting ready for the upcoming events:
#1 the girls (mom, kirst, brooklin and myself) are headed to Disneyland next weekend. Sooooooo excited for this!!!!!
#2 halloween
#3 Thanksgiving in Utah
#4 Black Friday :)

We have also learned that my Grandpa Winters has lung cancer. We are keeping him in our thoughts and prayers! We love him so much and just want him to be comfortable and happy. Here's a pic of the kids with Great Grandpa Winters in June 2008.

Here's a couple pics of the kids I took today before church. Mason looks so grown up in his long sleeve, buttoned shirt! Of course, I can't get both kids to look at the camera at the same time :)

Oct 11, 2008

Vegas + Concert + Sister = FUN!!!

My sweet lil sis bought us tickets to see Sara Bareilles last night at the Joint! We headed to Vegas to do a little shopping (surprise, surprise) and then we went to Hard Rock to grab something to eat before the concert. We ended up eating at the Pink Taco and it was delicious!!!
The concert started at 8, she had 2 groups performing before her and she came on around 9:45. She did great and was so cute!!! We got home around 1 from our late night partying!!!
Anyhow, a big THANKS to Kirstin for taking care of your big sis on a FaBuLoUs GirLs NiGhT oUt. I had a great time and we need to do that more often! I love ya :)

Oct 9, 2008

CaRviNg PuMpKiNs...

the easy way!!! My mom found these cute little things that stick into the pumpkins so that's what we did tonight. It was so much quicker than carving and I wasn't up for the mess that Mason would definitely make! They turned out cute and the kiddos loved putting them together! Thanks Grandma... more decoration pics to come!

More Pics!

Click to play scouting elk/camping 08
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Oct 5, 2008

CaMpiNg/ScOuTiNg ELK

*Brooklin in her floods and rain boots*

*Mason eating his new fav treat - deer poop*

*The 5 pt deer I spotted*


*Dirty kiddos*

*The kids fav part - riding in the ranger*

*Our spot for the ride*

*Brooklin all wrapped up in the back of the ranger*

The kids and I tagged along with my parents to go camping/try out the new ranger/try out the new trailer/scout for elk! We left Thurs. afternoon and headed out to the middle of nowhere. We went out past Pioche somewhere, once we arrived at our destination it wasn't so bad.
Mason was in heaven, sitting on the 4 wheeler and playing in the ranger - he couldn't get enough! Brooklin was able to ride her 4 wheeler and not worry about hitting any cars!
So every evening we headed out to scout out the elk and deer. I have never experienced the whole hunting thing so this was new to me. Some new terminology I learned this weekend:
Glassing the mountain: looking at the mountain for deer
Rub: the branches where the deer/elk had rubbed their antlers
I also learned what the difference was between deer/elk tracks and their poop! Mason loved eating the deer poop - we caught him more than once picking up those little droppings. Little stinker!
Anyhow, I was sitting in the back of the ranger and we were cruising along and I looked at the side of the mountain and low and behold, I spotted my first deer. I might add it was a nice looking 5 point and I even took a picture!
Saturday morning my dad and I went spotting for elk. We were at the pivots and we saw a herd of 50-60 elk. I was so excited and of course I forgot my camera. We saw 5 or 6 worthy elk of shooting! It was so awesome to hear them bugling...
We did get rained on all day Saturday so that made for a long day. We went for a drive and got totally lost and our ride ended up being 3 hours long and 2 kiddos got car sick! Thank heavens for the trailer with a dvd player...
I was able to get some crafty things started with all the time we had to do nothing. We left Sunday morning and was kind of ready to get home! Although coming home is the worst part with all the laundry!
All in all we had a great time. It was so nice to get out of town for a few days and out of the heat. I love sweatshirt weather! Thanks mom and dad for letting us tag along, we had fun!
If anyone wants to hire me to scope out a deer for them, let me know - I'm not cheap!!!

Oct 2, 2008


*Mom * Valerie * Steph * Ashlee*

We had a FaBuLoUs girls night out this evening! Our special friends from Salt Lake (Valerie & Ashlee) came down and we went to Cher. We ate dinner at La Salsa and it was soooo yummy - no Cheesecake Factory! Then we headed over to the big show... she did great, lots of costume changes. I enjoyed the last half better than the first - she was quite funny! She even sang my fav Cher song "After All" and duet with Peter Cetera from the movie Chances Are. It was a fun little outing with great company! Thanks for having a birthday Valerie so we could help celebrate!!!