Jan 26, 2008

This is for everyone freezing in the snow...

I just wanted to let everyone know what a beautiful day it is in Mesquite! I think it's about 60 degrees and sunny. We spent the afternoon outside with the kids - Brooklin riding her new bike, Mason in the wagon and Nick working on his orange crush (1971 Ford truck). Mason loves to swing so I took a couple pics of this cutie patootie!!! This is for everyone freezing in the snow -- it's so nice here, we're wearing our shorts today!!!

Jan 25, 2008

We'll miss you, Charmaine!!!

Charmaine went to heaven today -- this was the dog at my parents house which Brooklin just adored. She was acting real weird today when I took the kids over, she wouldn't play with Brooklin or take a treat from her which is very unusual. My dad took her to the vet to see what was wrong and they decided to put her too sleep. She was an old doggy!! Brooklin just kept saying, "Poor Charmaine, poor Charmaine." She knew that she was sick and grandpa took her to the doctor. Brooklin knows she went to heaven and she is up there with Jesus and Kathleen's pretty bird! It's amazing how well little kids are aware of what happens when someone or something passes on... Charmaine will be missed by Brooklin, Mason and all the swimming lesson kiddos!!!!

Jan 22, 2008

My little girl

I just wanted to post a birth picture and a recent picture of Brooklin since her birthday was yesterday! She has grown so much and has quite the little attitude! (I wonder where she gets that from) We love you Brooklin...

Jan 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Brooklin

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Today is Brooklin's 3rd birthday -- how time flies. I can't believe what a little lady she has become these last few months. Some of the stuff she says and comes up with just cracks me up! She has brought so much joy into our home and brightens my day the second she wakes up. Brooklin is so busy and always wants to know what's going on with everyone -- she's very caring, loving, helpful, independent, full of life, energetic, the list could go on and on. Brooklin we love you so very much and we are so blessed to have you in our little family. Keep being who you are and stay happy!!!

Jan 17, 2008

Go Dixie Rebels...

We have enjoyed watching Uncle Kasey play basketball this year. He has had a fantastic year - he is averaging about 19-20 points a game and usually has double digit rebounds too! I wish the rest of the team would step it up because Kasey works so hard. Brooklin loves watching the games, she has her pom-poms in hand and whenever the cheer or dance team is on the floor - she is following every move. It's hilarious!! I hope this is not a sign that we'll have a cheerleader in the family! We love you Kasey and wish you the best of luck for the rest of the season...

cute kiddos

Well we did the kiddie kandid adventure on Saturday. Acutally the kids did pretty good! It was time for Mason's 9 month pic (due in december) and I did Brooklin's 3 year pic. Sometimes I wonder why some of the people work at a picture place - I swear. I come to you because you are supposed to pose them and choose the backgrounds, not me!
I can't believe Brooklin will be 3 on Monday -- I'll be posting more pics from our exciting Princess weekend. Mason will be 10 months on Monday. He is close to standing by himself.. he will squat without holding onto anything but he won't stand up. He wants to eat everything we are and he's starting to eat more and more. He weighs 20lbs. and I notice it! He gets into every cupboard or drawer that will open. We love both Brooklin and Mason so much - they bring so much happiness into our home and can't imagine life without them!

Jan 12, 2008

Mason's new position for his nap

I put Mason down for his nap a couple days ago and this is how I found him. I kept checking on him and he was sitting up so I didn't go in there but after 3 times of him sitting up I thought I better check him. So I walked in and he was asleep, precious huh? I love this little boy so much!!!!

I love my Christmas present to myself...

I stood in line for 1 1/2 hrs the day after Thanksgiving for the cricut cutting machine. Holy cow! Where in the heck have I been for so long, this thing is amazing! I borrowed the paper doll dressup cartidge to make Brooklin's invites to her party. This machine cut everything out, all I had to do was glue it together! I'm going to have so much fun with this... now I just have to find some time!

We LOVE Tupperware...

Mason actually discovered the Tupperware cupboard! It was a good thing the first time because it forced me to clean it out but after the second and third time... oh well, cheap entertainment!

Jan 1, 2008

Crash and Burn

After Christmas my mom, the kiddos and myself headed back up to Salt Lake for a wedding on Friday. On the way home we stopped in Cedar to stay with Kirstin. Kirstin took Brooklin sledding and had a little accident and Brooklin got a little battle wound. She fell off the sled and got a snow burn but she's okay -- she loved sledding!

Christmas Day

Here are just a few pics from Christmas and opening presents! Mason loved opening the gifts, tearing the paper and sitting on the boxes. Brooklin was fun this year, she really got into the spirit of everything. She was so excited to leave Santa cookies-- we didn't get the sugar cookies made so he got OREOS and we left Rudolph an apple.
This is what everyone got for Christmas... Brooklin: pink skates, baby doll along with a doctor's table, Leapster, clothes, pink boots, and her and Mason got a wagon. Mason: Leapster table, tool bench, baseball game, lots of noisey toys, Little people barn and clothes. Dad: AC/DC box set, clothes and some shoes. Mom: a cricut, purse and some scrapbook stuff. We had a wondeful Christmas spending time with our family.
Christmas morning we had breakfast at our house and my family along with Nick's family came over. We sure hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

party, party and more parties...

Holy Cow!!! What a week Christmas was -- we had my work party on Thursday and Santa came to visit with the kids. Brooklin got a sweet little computer that she just loves and she tells everyone Travis gave it to her (he was dressed as an elf). Then Friday we headed to Utah for 2 family parties on Saturday. We had the Fullmer party at Bart & Tracy's house and Brooklin had a hayday with Ansley (they are just about 4 months apart). Then we had enough time for the kids to take a nap and we headed to the Olympic Oval for ice skating! What a riot that was --- NOT! Nick didn't even make it around once before he was complaining and I wasn't far behind him. We must be getting old because we didn't last too long. We thought Brooklin would love it but she didn't... then we went to Todd & Julie's for dinner. Christmas Eve was at my mom's house and we had a wonderful dinner and opened are presents that night! Santa didn't have to come the next day -- Grandma and Papa spoiled us already!