Mar 25, 2010


*brooklin * ansley*

*mason * andrew*

Sunday night Brooklin and Ansley had a sleepover in the ladybug tent! They were so funny and full of giggles.. Both of them kept telling Mason Happy Birthday and he would say Thank You and it went on all night - by the end of the night, Mason was getting so annoyed. The girls stayed awake watching a barbie movie and Hannah Montana, I finally set the tv timer and went to bed!
We had a great weekend with the cousins, the kiddos got along great and had so much fun playing. I think the boys (adults) had fun too - next time the girls are going shopping :)

BiG BoY BiKe!

Sunday we had another little party for Mason since it was his real birthday! He didn't open all his presents the day before and he got his big gift from us which was a big boy bike... no more tricycle! He hopped right on and took off :)
We also had a yummy dinner at my parents and then had cookies and rootbeer floats for dessert. We had a cupcake leftover so Mason blew his candle out again (it was too windy on Saturday)!
Hope you had a happy day Mas!

Mar 23, 2010

8 years....

HaPpY AnNiVeRsArY Nick!

*flowers from Nick*

Mar 22, 2010

Mason's Party

On Saturday we headed to St. George to go miniature golfing and pizza factory! I think the kids had a blast even though it was a bit chaotic... We had the Baker and Woods family come golfing with us and Kirstin, Grandma & Papa met us at Pizza Factory.

*andrew * brooklin * mason * ansley * sam * ava * ethan*

*mason's orange ball*

*playing games in the arcade*

*black light golf*

*mason by spider-man*

*the whole gang*

*mr. grumpy and his #3 pizza*

After lunch we took the kids down to the main street park to burn off some energy and eat cake!

Mar 20, 2010

HaPpY 3rd BirThDaY MaSoN!

*just 2 days old - my chunky 9lb. 9 oz. boy*

*a year old*

*2 years old*

*3 years old*

I can't believe my sweet little man is 3 years old! He is such a little monkey boy and loves to tease his sister and grandpa. He is such a sweetheart and loves to tell you that he wuvs you! I love his smile and those big brown eyes.. He is potty trained and doing great and even earned his fish! I can't imagine life without you Mason, you brighten my day and I love you for that.. I also love it when you sneak into my bed at night and cuddled up by me!

3 things Mason loves...
*loves going on 4 wheeler rides
*doesn't like spikey or pokey hair
*he loves to play Brooklin's ds - super mario bros.

*some favorites*
food: mac n' cheese, yogurt (every night), any little treat he can get his hands on
color: orange
cartoon: mickey mouse clubhouse
movie: up, incredibles, lady & the tramp, ice age
toy: any cars or trucks
pant size: 3T
shirt size: 3T-4T
shoe size: 9 - fav shoes are his orange crocs or flip flops or nothing

flag football

We had so much fun with soccer this year, thought we'd give flag football a try! I'm happy to say, things are going much better with football, we've made it 2 weeks with NO tears!!
I think Brooklin is playing more for social hour! She loves to hike the ball and she's not fast (takes after her mama) and usually gets yelled at as to what direction to run when she does get the ball :)
Nick & Jeremy are coaching and I had to remind him these kids are 5-6 not the older group they coach so go easy on them.
Everyone seems to be having fun and they have a good little team... GO SAINTS!

Butterfly Fly Away...

Brooklin got a butterfly pavilion for her birthday from Grandma & Papa.. at first I was like what the heck but it has been so fun to see the transformation! We sent off for our caterpillars the end of January and we got our little creatures mid February. The caterpillars were tiny and we had to leave them in their cup until they chrysalides and then we had to move them to the big net. After a few weeks we had butterflies and once the weather got nice, we set them free!

Mar 13, 2010

super fun cookies

I ran across this recipe awhile back but never tried it until today!!! I found it at - So today was the day we made our playdough lollipop cookies and we had a great time and the kids had a ball. (Just a note: I didn't have the food coloring paste so I just used the gel kind I had on hand and it worked just fine)
Anyhow, I thought they turned out super cute and they tasted quite good too. The kids thought they were so cool and enjoyed helping me make them!

*our 4 neon colors*

*my helpers rolling the dough into balls*

*mixing the 4 colors together*

*getting ready to put in the oven*

*our finished product*

Look at these cute bunnies....

We had a ward/primary activity this morning at the park, getting us in the easter spirit! We ate breakfast and the kids made these cute bunny masks and had hula hoop contest... which Brooklin is getting so awesome at moving those hips, everyone was impressed with her mad skills at the hula hoop! Then they had an easter egg hunt for the kiddos which they loved and found a ton of eggs!

CrAzY hAiR dAy...

was a complete meltdown at first. When I initially did Brooklin's hair she did not want it in pig tails or crazy. She wanted to wear it down, like normal... She was throwing a fit and I was ready to blow beads! So after the pig tails got ripped out of her hair and both of us had calmed down, she decided that she wanted her crazy hair and things would be fine! I had to explain that everyone in class would have crazy hair and it was something fun to do at school and she could take it out after school. Well we pulled up to Bethany's and everyone had crazy colored hair and then B wanted pink crazy hair so after a meltdown of a morning, we survived and everyone had a good day!

Mar 11, 2010

ice skating

Monday night we headed to St. George to try out their skating rink... The kids had a blast, I think Brooklin spent more time on her bum... she was soaking wet by the end of the night. Mason looked like a little frog when he used the bucket, jumping around the ice.
Thanks for a fun night with the Bohne and Laub family. We topped it off with dessert from Mickey D's before coming home!