Jul 29, 2009

Living at the PooL

I think the rec center has been our second home this summer! We are there dang near everyday or night. The kids love swimming and going down the big slide and just recently jumping off the diving board. As of this week, Mason is now swimming (2 1/2 yrs) just like his sister was at his age. This is very exciting because he hasn't been too interesting in trying, he wasn't afraid to put his face in but he didn't want to learn. It must have clicked because he started jumping off the board to me and then he'll swim to the edge. He has made his momma proud this week :) Way to Go Mason!!!!

*proud momma*

*1 2 3 JuMp*

*B is always doing some trick off the board*

My LittLe GuY...

is getting soooo BiG! I haven't been strict with potty training Mason but he's starting to use the potty more and more. At first he would sit on the toilet and now he's a big boy and can stand. It just cracks me up every time I see him doing it... he has the whole holding thing, shaking it when he's done thing down!! Good job Mason :) Don't you just love the tan line???

Jul 25, 2009

PaRaChuTe & SeConDhAnD SeReNaDe

Last night Chrissy and I, along with every teenager in St. George headed to the Parachute and Secondhand Serenade concert. It was outside at the Dixie Sunbowl and we had a great time! We got up there early so we could do a little shopping and eat at Cafe Rio (for the 3rd time this week)! Thanks for going with me Chrissy, it was a blast :)

*chrissy * steph*


*secondhand serenade*

Jul 21, 2009

What's in a Name?

So I'm taking this idea from Evonne's blog and telling about how I came up with the kids names. There's no big story to them but if I write them down then my kiddos will have it to read at a later time!


As most girls I know, I too have a running list of names that I love. I have had them written down for many years but Brooklin came about when I was going to school in Cali.. I hate to admit this but she is named after a Beastie Boys song - No Sleep Til Brooklyn. I never really thought about Brooklin for a name but it must have stuck with me. I just changed the spelling because I liked the "i" better!

Once I found out I was pregnant and after finding out it was a girl, Brooklin was set in stone! There was no other name out there, both Nick and I agreed that is what it would be. I wasn't planning on a middle name but Nick's mom had got cancer and we weren't sure if she was going to make it to meet our little one. She was able to meet Brooklin and that is where the Ann came from.

Brooklin is quite funny with her name - she likes to be called B or Brooklin, none of this Brook or Brooky stuff. It's B or the real thing :)


There's not a huge story for my little guy's name. We pretty much had one name picked out from the get go and that was Mason. I had taught swimming lessons to the cutest little blonde hair, blue eyed little boy years ago and his name was Mason. I loved that we could use Nicholas as a middle name so his initials would be MnM (like M&M)!

Jul 18, 2009

Just about 24 hours...

at camp was long enough for me! I had to come home and take a 5 hour nap just to recoop :) I had a blast - I left Friday morning and got there to do the AWESOME water slide, which kicked my butt this year. I have bruises to prove it but well worth it!
The stake had a nice dinner and program that evening along with testimony meeting in our individual wards. Our girls were great and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.
Friday night water WARS were on with the preisthood and I hate to admit this but they LOST big time this year! Maybe next year they'll be a little more prepared for us girls... Thanks for the fun 24 hours 4th ward :)

*head first with dishsoap is the only way to go*

*steph * nikki*

*nikki * steph * mindy*

*ninja destruction*

*ninja destruction*

Our Little Mermaid...

Well Brooklin is definitely the swimmer of the family! She loves the water and is always begging to swim at the rec center or grandma's house. She could stay in the pool forever. This year she took swim lessons with aunt Kirst and mom - she did a great job! She can swim the front stroke, elementary backstroke and (big arms). She loves jumping in any way she can, diving for sticks and going down the big slide at the rec and even jumping off the diving board!
We're so proud of you B - keep up the good work!

*Brookelyn and Brooklin* (B thought is was so cool to have 2 Brooklin's in class)!

Music Class

Brooklin took a little music class from Angela these past 2 weeks and loved it! She was so excited to come home and tell us what she had learned for the day. We are so proud of you Brooklin and hopefully you'll turn out to be a little more musically inclined than the rest of the family :)

*good job B*

Jul 5, 2009

~HaPpY 4th~

We had a fun day to celebrate the 4th! It started at the rec center in the morning.. doing the slip n' slide, face painting, dunk tank, swimming, going down the slide! We stayed out in the pool until 2ish and headed home for some lunch and a much needed nap!

Later that evening we headed back to the rec center for bounce houses, yummy mexican food, sno cones, more face painting, friends, running around and the 4 minutes of FuRy firework show! After the fireworks we went for a late night swim which was a blast!